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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

The academic sphere is quite intricate, as it is complicated, and it comprises different elements that serve the purpose of creating a future generation. As we all know, the academic institutions situated across the globe are essentially creating the future workforce; they are socialising their students and are prepping and priming students for a competitive world of opportunities.

In the centre of all of it, are teachers, as they play a pivotal and catalytic role in teaching students knowledge about the world surrounding them, they nurture their viewpoints, they provide them with the required skills to make their world a better place and they facilitate their students to step out of the box that boxes them.

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So follow through to understand the roles and responsibilities of a teacher.

  • Teach: On a primary level, the key objective of each teacher is to disseminate information to their students to the best of their abilities. During the teaching process, the teacher is supposed to motivate their students to learn, grow, become aspirational in their goals and develop the prowess to look beyond their viewing scope, as staying within our limits causes mediocrity to thrive.
  • Secondary Socialisation: Once a child steps out of their house, the first social agency or institution they interact with is their school. Therefore, the onus falls onto the shoulders of the teacher to socialize with their students effectively, to teach them the norms and values of the society, to help them become a better person, and to help them grow in a professionally, personally and socially viable manner. At the end of the day, the student needs to take responsibility for their development, they need to become cognizant of their progression and they need to become aware of the surroundings they interact with.
  • Assessment: Other than merely teaching students a key piece of detail, teachers also play a key role in assessing a student’s knowledge capacity. This assessment of knowledge enables students to prepare themselves for their future, as then they will be able to fit into the jigsaw of the professional sphere in a consolidated manner.
  • Safe & Supportive Learning Environment: It is the responsibility of the teacher to create a conducive environment, whereby students can feel safe, secure and free enough to express their views.
  • Promote Equality: A teacher, through their actions and behavior, can showcase the proper manner of behaving. By treating boys and girls alike and by sharing stories of diversity and equality, teachers are creating a healthy sphere for healthy conversations and healthy self-images.

In a nutshell, the critical role of a teacher is to help their student to reach their best potential, as teachers are the stepping-stones that empower a student to improve, enhance, and think beyond their parameters.


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