Admission Essay (Pharmaceutics doctorial curriculum)

I was raised with my grandparents in my native land and then suddenly my family rooted me from my grandparent’s arms and took me to New Mexico when I was fourteen. The life in New Mexico was much different from the one I lived back home. All of my life, I had been living with a strong sense of belonging and was raised with love and roots surrounding my world. Once we settled in New Mexico, all that was completely gone; we were in a place that enjoyed a constant and never ending flux. People came and went from our neighbourhood often and we never had lasting neighbours. Nothing in this country was older than twenty to thirty years and everything had a sense of transition. Yet this transitory nature of my surrounding excited me and made me feel like there was more life to absorb in less time. Our caretakers moved us to the United Kingdom soon as the aim was to enhance my father’s education and the United Kingdom was the way to achieve this goal. I now take this phenomenon, that I learnt in New Mexico as a great matter of inspiration and believe that transition for the sake of educational advancement is a worthy aim.

My under graduation calling is deeply embedded in a high Grading Point Average and I have every intention to keep up my grades if not take them to the next level of success. Now I will be more focused on pharmacology and as this is my field of excellence; my grades will see a jump as I will focus on my core passion. I learned about my love of pharmacology when I studied Chemistry in high school and found myself excelling in the two subjects of Biology and Chemistry. My belief in my passion for pharmacology was enhanced and reinforced when I worked in a drug store and met with patients on a regular basis. I realised that I have a great passion for helping others and ensuring their wellbeing. I am a compassionate individual with love for all humans. As individuals go through illness, they tend to become itchy, short tempered and easily agitated; I have found myself to be passionate, calm and loving to these tormented souls at this time of great distress.

I intend to complete my doctorate degree in pharmacology and then spent my time working as a drug specialist in a drug store. I have volunteered at a local children’s hospital and found myself to be excellent to handle a child’s tantrum combined with illness. I intend to increase my experience in the field of medicine and pharmacology by continuing my work in the drug store and in the children’s hospital. I intend to continue with my volunteering even after finishing my doctoral program as my expertise will only work to enhance my capabilities to ensure the increase in quality of patient care. I intend to build a strong academic foundation by becoming a part of the IVY MI University and enhance all my expertise in this field.

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