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Higher degree educational establishments demur the submission of a paper comprising of errors. Students that submit an exceptionally well-written content but that is flawed with the presence of solecism in writing are met with an overall low grade. Essentially, it is crucial for the individuals to thoroughly examine and scan the document before submission.

Despite the extreme importance of the task, students still skip the proofreading step of their writing process. The lack of time, along with the frustration of dealing with the project hinder one’s ability to examine the paper in every form thoroughly. Consequently, the student submits the final project without giving it a second look.

In consideration of this, British Essay Writers has launched its editing and proofreading services. As this task requires extreme focus as well as attention to detail, we have hired a team of linguistically refined editors, who perform the job with meticulous concentration. When an order is placed at our website, we assign two different experts to a single project. By this means, we are able to multiply the chances of identifying and eliminating any form of human error.

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Our editing services are created with an objective to simplify the complicated lives of university students. As a result, our editors are trained to identify anomalies in writing instantly. Essentially, our editing teams have a vast experience in the field. Thus they are swift yet vigilant when performing their duties.

British Essay Writers has built its platform to certify a luxurious experience. We have created several facilities for students so that they can make the most of their experience. Our service offers:

  • Ever -present customer service representatives:
    University students live a chaotic life. Their schedules are jumbled up with multitudes of tasks that leave no room for additional tasks. Considering this, we offer students a 24-hour live chat so they can contact us at any moment. Whether their schedule is free at 3 am or 12 pm, our amiable customer service representatives will always be present to respond to the client’s queries. In addition to a live chat, our organisation can also be contacted via phone line as well as through e-mail.
  • Skilled editors:
    Essentially, the editing department hired by our professional services has years of experience in the field of editing as well as writing. Consequently, they are trained to look for commonly found errors in academic projects and remove them. Our editors are able to ameliorate the writing to its finest form.
  • Plagiarism detector:
    In addition to scanning the document, our editing and proofreading service certifies that the content of the paper is original and authentic. Our service relies on an advanced plagiarism software that compares the content of the client’s paper with a database of existing papers present on and off the World Wide Web. This way, any trace of a copied content is identified and removed from the overall document.
  • Professional writers:
    While our editing and proofreading service focuses on the identification and removal of errors, we also assist students in replacing plagiarism and increasing the word count. Students that require this service can place an order at our academic writing service and allow the professional writers from the specified field to augment the paper.
  • Money Back Guarantee:
    To allow our clients to feel comfortable with the services offered by our facility, we present money back guarantee. According to terms of this policy, if our editors fail to perform their job efficiently, a full refund will be rewarded to the client.

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British Essay Writers offers quality academic writing assistance through its experienced personnel. However, students, under no given circumstances, can submit our assistance as their original work.

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