SWOT Analysis UK

This is the type of analysis that is designed to identify various areas of business that may require melioration and other domains where the company may be able to meliorate on. This analysis is named as SWOT, is an acronym for; Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threads. This analysis should be taken as an important step from every company in order to become one of the leading establishments of this nature in the area. This essay brings a SWOT analysis of the company named as Unilever. Unilever’s powerful strategy – the path that leads the company to grow its strategy that strengthened focus around its leading brands, reconstituting has brought forth savings of $3.4 billion. Unilever’s strong brand name/image of products – An extensive variety of leading brands in its products portfolio, for example, Dove cleansers and cleanser, Lipton teas, Slim-quick, Ben and Jerry's dessert.

Unilever Market Share

Confederations /Acquisitions- Best foods, Ben and jerry’s desert’s acquisition, and the confederation of slim-fast have resulted in incoming a new industry.

Unilever Weaknesses

  • Decrease in sales growth
  • Product’s underperforming

Unilever has a disadvantage of having multinational strategy

  • Revenue
  • Debt


  • Development of Slim-fast
  • Entrance in new industry
  • Expanding business in new nations like Europe where the weight/ loss management takes hold
  • Product line expanding

Product offering could initialize standardized, low value item offerings with a specific end goal to compete the 'private-in house brands' offered by grocery stores and for the developing nations.


  • Expanded power of rivalry from other worldwide food and household brands with comparative item portfolios and between brand name items and private mark in house items
  • Contenders are Strengthening their resources has been a recent increment in mergers and acquisitions in recent times
  • Likely Entry of strong new contenders – substantial, prominent contenders may take advantage
  • Demographics – Constant changing purchaser inclination. E.g. "wellbeing" and forestalling maladies like diabetes, weight and coronary illness. Family sizes are diminishing.

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