Nursing Essay

The far cry for the call of nurses is ever growing and getting louder. Demands for an increase in nursing staff can be heard all over the UK. It is a commonly known fact that there are simply not enough nurses to go around. A certain number of reasons contribute to this fact. One of the most pressing factor that effects the number of nurses in service at public hospitals is that there simply aren’t enough nurses to replace the old ones as they retire. The outflow of old worn out nurses greatly exceeds the income of new ones. According to Bureau of Health Professions (2004) there is need more nurses to replace the old ones and then some more to fill in the pre-existing shortage of nurses.

Another key factor in the group of factors that contribute to this shortage is that many nurses get employed in the private sector. As a result if a better pay grade many new nurses are being employed into private hospitals and health care facilities. This leaves fewer overall nurses to be employed by government hospitals making the shortage of nurses all the more a pressing matter.

Another reasons contributing to why there are not have enough nurses is that the demand for nurses is at an increase. Buchan and Aiken (2008) stated that there are two ways this is in effect. With the increase in the number of health care facilities and the increase in need of newer better health care facilities the demand for nurses is at an increase. This means that there are more hospitals and not enough nurses to occupy all the free positions in these health care facilities.

The other way that the demand of nurses is increasing is because the intake of new students in nursing schools is much less than that needed by the business sector. This refers to the fact that there are not enough nurses in training to fulfil our need of the same.

Moreover, the small number of nursing schools is directly responsible for the low intake of students in nursing schools. There are many enthusiastic, bright, young students who wish to become nurses but simply cannot due to the low number of students who actually get into nursing schools and on account of the difficult selection criteria.

Now since there is already established shortage of nurses throughout the country it is important to understand why this shortage is troublesome. For one, the few nurses that are employed in public hospitals have to work overtime and thus have to do more than is physically possible. A tired nurse cannot provide the best medical care possible. Hence a shortage of nurses is causing us to compromise in our health care facilities. Moreover a lack of nurses directly effects the number of patients that a hospital can treat at one time. This means that unless this shortage of nurses are fulfilled, till then the country has to compromise on health care facilities.

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