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What Makes Admission Officers Want To Roll Their Eyes And Stop Reading?

Writing a college essay is tough, but what makes it tougher is to decide the amount of matter required to frame your essay into something; admission officers will look forward to. It requires a lot of creativity to keep the admission officers engaged and committed to the process of reading. Nevertheless, many students fail to gauge the exact requirements of the college admission essay and get a stamp saying “rejected” on their admission applications.

No matter how harsh this may sound but it is the ground reality- the survival is only possible if you adopt the correct strategy and utilize your skills adequately. You are exposed to a competitive environment, and to supersede others, you need to know the accurate balance of what to do and what not to do in your admission essay.

Below mentioned is the checklist of things you shouldn’t commit in your admission essay:

Fictionalised Content:

If you think you can fool the experienced admission officers from the made up stories, then you are mistaken. All thanks to the experience they have endured over the years, these officers can tell the difference between the fabricated content and the actual detail within the fraction of seconds. Therefore, when writing an admission essay, stick to your true self and stop trying to portray yourself as something you are not.

Exaggerated Situations:

Nobody likes to read about situations that are stretched or presented unrealistically. For instance, if you are writing about a camping experience, you should stick to how you helped the other campers or the lessons you absorbed during the trip. You shouldn’t write about how a bear broke into your territory, and you played a heroic role to save the masses present there. Frankly, this level of exaggerated content never makes into the institution.

Sports Game:

It is good to share your success stories but avoid writing about this event in a manner as if it was a one-man show, you. Give the due share of appreciation to the deserving people and applaud the team coordination. However, show yourself in a good light and state your contribution in the team win. Remember, the admission officers read a lot of essays fabricated on the same topic. Therefore, you should be extra careful with the content on this subject.

Your Good Luck:

Don’t ever state in your essay that your good luck has driven you here, instead, speak about the efforts you made to come this long. It is to be noted, admission officers don’t want to induct someone with luck but someone with the guts to survive the pressure and learn from it.

Loosely Placed Sentences:

Lastly, your essay should be presented in a coherent, concise, and assertive tone to deliver the message accurately at the other end. Your essay should follow the flow, and the reader should get the exact taste of the ingredients mentioned in the essay. Therefore, ensure to avoid the usage of vague sentences and the filler words in your admission essay.

Congratulations! You are now well aware of the red flags which may serve you a competitive disadvantage in scoring an admission. Use this guide to the tee and get inducted in the anticipated institution. If you still feel uncertain about your writing skills, you can always hire a cheap assignment writing services UK to assist you with the writing part. Good luck!


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