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The essay writing is reduced to a series of digressions, most often critical aspect in which the author expresses his thoughts on a specific, or even issue, no issue.
An essay is written in prose, usually brief, setting out with depth, maturity and sensitivity, a personal interpretation on any topic, whether philosophical, scientific, historical, literary, etc. Essays do not define the object on which it is written but the writer’s attitude before the same. In the background, it could be a hypothesis, an idea being tested. The trial is the result of long meditations and reflections, what is essential is their sense of exploration, its boldness and originality, is the effect of the adventure of thought. A test can be:

Literary: The term “essay” applied to a literary writing was chosen by the French writer Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) to describe his books Essais. Some of the conditions that must satisfy the literary essay are the variety and thematic freedom. The literary theme of essay writing corresponds to a problem of form than substance.

Scientific: One of the borders between science and poetry are in the trial. It has been called “scientific-literary” genre because of the scientific thinking and artistic imagination. The scientific establishment roots, as poetic, in the imaginative capacity, it cannot be totally ignored; however it is not apart from nature or logic. The essay shares with science one of its essential purposes: to further explore the reality, closer to the “truth” of things. Share with art originality, intensity and expressive beauty. According to the communicative intention of the author, the UK essays can be classified as expository, argumentative, critical and poetic.

Expository: As its name indicates, expository UK essays sets out ideas on a topic, presenting information about the same and clarifying this information with the author’s interpretation and interesting personal views about the subject matter.

Argumentative: Essay writing aims to defend a thesis with arguments that can be based on quotations or references, specifics of research experiences, historical allusions, political, or other epistemological.
Critical: Essay writing describes or analyzes a fact, phenomenon, or work situation, making a considered judgment.

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