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GOAL actually stands for Gallant, Outstanding, Admired, and Lasting. Every person has an ambition that makes him or her survive and continuously to struggle for something in life unless you accomplish it. We all human being need a purpose or aim to live in our life, if we don’t have a goal or aim in life, we don’t feel secure and always keep on searching to quench this thirst. May be the reason of this could be; we all want to be recognized and admired from people we surround with and this makes us to do something in our lives so our name could remain even after our death.

GOAL could be anything, whether it’s to get a degree or most desired job, achieving a position in life, helping someone, social working, getting in shape, to be rich and so many more; all depends what you want in life. Pursuing your goal and achieving it requires a very long process of struggle, consistency, motivation and unlimited strength to be failed again and again but never giving up on your dreams so you could achieve it one day.

Now you must be wondering and thinking how to achieve goal you set for yourself; I am explaining this with an example below.

If you think, you must lose your weight and get in shape then you first think of your eating habits and diet that does affect your life. If you are eating junk food, and eat whenever you like then there is no use of setting a goal because a goal of coming back in shape requires a lot of efforts and self-control; you must avoid eating unhealthy and break habits of eating whenever you like. Take it into consideration, make your diet plan, and don’t only eat vegetables or start starving instead you should eat everything but in a proper portion, do exercise regularly and join a fitness club to maintain yourself that’s how you would be able to achieve your goal, because without acting on your plans, there is no other way to achieve.

Just like, if you want to get a higher degree, you first prepare to get good grades in your on-going academic standard, select the best aptitude preparation centre and study day & night to get cleared with flying colors that sets out the way for you in entering any of top most university of the country. After getting admission you do hard work in your semesters, completing courses, making assignments and, writing essays and submitting dissertation in the end that leads you to achieve your goal in the form of getting degree.

Setting your goal is not difficult but achieving that goal and all the hurdles that comes in the way, makes it harder to go till the end but perseverance is the key to success.

What are you waiting for, go and set a goal for yourself as life is very short and no one feels like to waste it without making their name as you reach your goal only when you get out of your bed and make some actions.

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