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How can an underachiever become a straight-A student

Every student must believe that they have a lot of potential in them, and they can be a high achiever. Some can push themselves and achieve high scores while some students are not able to cope up with the burden of their studies.

They start to lose faith in themselves and believe they can never succeed. What an underachiever needs, most of all, is a confidence boost and belief in themselves that they can accomplish great things. So, if you are a student, remember to tell yourself that you can do it. Once you convince yourself that you are capable, you can start working towards getting an A grade on all the subjects.

Always attend your classes

The first step towards achieving A grades is never to miss a single class. When you make it a point to reach your class on time and sit through the entire lecture, you are guaranteed not to miss out on anything.

Even if you do attend your classes, your presence is not enough. You have to stay active in class and participate in discussions. In case you do not understand a concept, you should raise your hand and ask the teacher to explain again.
It is a proven fact that those students who sit in the front are more likely to excel in their studies. Try to grab a seat in the first few rows. Knowing that you are visible to the teacher, you will not dare to pass notes to your friends or make doodles in your notebook. Instead, you will give the instructor your full concentration.

Organise yourself

The initial years of college can easily get you overwhelmed. You have to make sure that you meet all the due dates of your assignments, prepare for quizzes and exams, as well as attend to the responsibilities of club meetings. How will you ever be able to manage everything simultaneously? This is why you have to master the art of multitasking and learn to organise.

Keep a planner and be sure to take it with you. Your daily planner will come in handy whenever you have to jot down important dates or things to remember. Your planner will serve to be a reminder for you as well as a to-do list as all your essential information will be mentioned in one place. You will get into the habit of referring to your planner more frequently to make sure that you have not missed out any important deadlines or events.

Students have the habit of misplacing sheets of paper that can help them during their exams. When they have to refer to their homework or notes, they cannot find the documents. Instead of studying for their exams, they spend their time searching for it. So, you can use your planner as a binder and include separate sections in your planner. All your loose sheets, class papers and quizzes can be stored in your planner, and you can refer to them whenever needed.

Manage your time wisely

Time is valuable for every student. Once it passes away, that’s when its value is recognised. No one knows this better than a student who crams a night before their exam. Why do they let it come to this situation? What could have been done differently that would have earned them an A grade on their exam?
The answer is, time management. Students have a habit of procrastinating and leaving things for the last moment. They feel that they can cover the course material within the break before the exam. It is when they sit down with their books and open the syllabus that they realise there is a lot to cover, which cannot be possible to memorise before the exam.

So, to save yourself from this horrendous experience, you should learn to make use of your time accordingly. You don’t have to cover the entire course in one sitting. Break down your syllabus into sections and tackle each one at a time. If you feel the need for it, take a break in between your studies. In fact, it is recommended that you do take a short break after a few hours, and do some other activity to divert your mind. This way, you will give your mind enough rest and time to absorb all the information.

Practice your writing skills

It doesn’t matter if you attend all your classes, keep your notes organised, and utilise your time efficiently. If you do not follow the golden rules of writing, all your efforts will go to waste. Before you start your exam, it is prudent to make a rough outline. This will help you to organise your thoughts so when you do start writing the answers, you know exactly which points to cover.
Make sure you read the question carefully and understand what is being asked. This way, you will not be wasting your time writing unnecessary things. When you are done, always be sure to give your exams a read for any blunders you may have made along the way.

Take the assistance of an academic writing company

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