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5 Ways to generate great Essay Topics Ideas

There you are! Slamming your head repeatedly against the keyboard at 2 a.m., wondering what to write in your essay topics. 

You’re scrolling through the internet to see if you find any inspiration about your potential essay topics while your song “make ideas happen” blasts from your headphones. Periodically, you’re checking and refreshing Instagram stories of your friends to see what are they writing about while cursing the professor who assigned you this essay in this first place. 

You’re now all caught up and your only option is to sell your soul to Lucifer in exchange for a good essay topics. Or maybe wishing for a Fairy God Mother to appear in your dorm room and help you through it. 

Well, don’t make any blood oaths just yet! There are many ways to get those ideas flowing; even your brain seems to be not making any connections. Writer’s block is a thing, and even the most renowned writers go through it. 

There’s nothing wrong with you; you just need a little bit of creative help and inspiration to tap back on your creative side and get those ideas rolling!

Here are five ways that can help you come up with unique essay topics:

Look around you!

The greatest essay idea is hiding in plain sight; you just need an eye to look for it! Look around you and see what interest you the most – even if that means to get your jacket and have a brief walk in the neighbourhood. 

There are a lot of inspirations you can take from your surroundings, take your roommate annoying habits; for instance; you can talk about your struggles of sharing a room. You can even take your neighbour as an inspiration, or your landlord, or your crush; it could be anything! The trick is to just keep looking!

Change your perspective

Sometimes changing your glasses can help you see a whole different world; similarly, changing a perspective could open endless possibilities of new ideas and opinions. If you’re writing a creative essay, it would be best to use a perspective and background different from your own to write something unique and unexpected. 

Here are a few examples for you to get started:

  • Discuss human emotions from the perspective of advanced AI.
  • Talk about the change in technology from the perspective of a person who just travelled from 1990 to the current world.
  • Write an essay about work ethics from the perspective of an office boy.
  • Discuss mental health problems from the perspective of a child whose parents are going to split up.
  • Discuss explicit sexual objectification from the perspective of the opposite gender.
  • Discuss the importance of family time from the perspective of an orphan.
  • Discuss water pollution from the perspective of a fish.
  • Imagine a conversation between Muhammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, discussing Trump presidency.
  • Imagine a world where people can record whatever their eyes witness.
  • Imagine a world where people can teleport.

Explore a ‘what if’ situation!

What if you wouldn’t have gotten this assignment? Then what would you be doing instead? Well, ‘what if’ scenarios can be an effective approach to come up with unique and creative essay ideas. Assume something unexpected or unlikely and discuss potential setbacks it could have in the current environment.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What if rain doesn’t pour in drops but fall like a sheet all at once?
  • What if Martin Luther Jr. was alive, then? How would he handle this current Black Lives movement?
  • What if 9/11 didn’t happen? How would be the world without it?
  • What if Christopher Columbus hasn’t discovered America?
  • What if there was no force of gravity? How would the world be like?
  • What if dinosaurs were still there?
  • What life would be like?
  • What if there is a world where only female leaders are elected?

Throw logic out of your brain for once

Don’t restrict yourself to working only logically! Sometimes the greatest ideas come from the strangest of situations. For example, who would have thought that a falling of an apple would help Isaac Newton to come up with the idea of gravity? Mary Shelly wrote her classic literary Frankenstein with the inspiration she got from her dream. 

As the legend says, “the greatest ideas come to you when you’re in the washroom,” it doesn’t matter where you get your idea from; what matters is that you find a kick-ass one!

Explore hypothetical realism

Come up with a story from a world similar to this one but having one hypothetical or unusual aspect.  

  • Write about two characters from two different dimensions, and they end up falling in love together.
  • Write an essay about democracy vs kingship in an animal farm and from the perspective of animals.
  • Imagine a world where there was no money; instead, people use their smiles as a means of trading.
  • Write about a world where people are categorized into different classes with respect to their social media ratings.
  • Discuss racism in a world where white people are discriminated against.
  • Discuss animal cruelty in a world where humans are animals and animals are humans.

We hope that you find these above ways useful for generating a unique and creative Essay topics. In case you need further assistance, feel free to acquire our professional essay writing service at the most affordable rates. 


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