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Do you wish to learn more about British Essay Writers’ hiring process? Keep reading. British Essay Writers has a tried-and-tested hiring process in place that we employ to pick out the best candidates for our writing and editing teams. Each step makes sure the applicants are evaluated for both the hard and soft skills we expect an expert on our teams to possess. Have a look at the quality assessment checks every professional goes through before we hire them:

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British Essay Writers is the leading academic essay writing service in the UK. We offer high-quality papers at affordable prices. For students, this is a blessing (as our customers put it), as they get the best price-to-value ratio with us. We have been providing bespoke academic writing services to students for several years and have gained a reputation as one of the best in the industry. At BEW, we accommodate our clients as best as we can. So, when you buy essay UK services from us, you can expect the following:

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Compare & Contrast Essay Writing Service

How Can We Help You?

As a student in college or university, your professors may assign you high level compare-and-contrast essays to gauge your analytical thinking and persuasive writing abilities. And while these tasks are great to help you prepare for your professional life, there can be a time when you’re so burdened with work you can’t take out the hours to understand the structure fully. This is where our online essay help can assist you.

British Essay Writers will create a custom sample you can use to understand the foundation and flow of a perfect essay. This will cut down your time on researching irrelevant material and learning about essay technicalities. With a perfect sample in hand, you can create an academic manuscript that can impress your professors.

BEW: Company that Maintains Trust; Company that Delivers Quality

At British Essay Writers, we are dedicated to protecting client data, maintaining trust by delivering quality services, and delighting customers with impeccable compare-and-contrast essay online services. We make sure to put all students’ concerns to rest when it comes to choosing the right academic service. This is why BEW offers the following as a part of their services:

Regularly upgrading the website’s SSL certificate and security patches
NOT saving customer transaction details in company databases
Using encryption and tokenisation to protect client data
Employing a safe and reputable payment processing platform

From Order to Delivery— Your Journey with Us

British Essay Writers have been in the business long enough to understand customer needs and create, test, and tweak processes to ensure students get the best service.

To date, we keep requesting feedback from our clients to identify bottlenecks in their journey and incorporate solutions, so they don’t have to face similar issues again. At BEW, we have put great effort into making the customer journey as frictionless as possible. Have a look at the major steps:

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When you visit our website and go to the order placement form, you can fill in the required details of your project. Our quick quote calculator will show you the total amount right away, and you can choose to proceed or not. We hand you the entire control when you buy compare & contrast essay services from us.

British Essay Writers
British Essay Writers
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For Approvals and Feedback

Once you avail with the easy payment feature, we will assign a writer to you based on your subject and instructions. They will start working on your task, and you only need to be involved with the draft approvals and feedback. Our experts will incorporate your feedback and make as many changes as you request in terms of content direction.

Editing, Polishing, and

Timely Project Delivery

Our editors proofread every draft we send out to you, so you get error-free updates on your project. Moreover, when the content is complete, they conduct a thorough edit to ensure there are no grammatical errors and the content is easy to read and understand. We complete all this within the requested timeframe and deliver the manuscript to you.

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British Essay Writers
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Compare-and-Contrast Essay Writer of the Month

At British Essay Writers, we host internal competitions to keep our experts motivated to do more.

The “writer of the month” is one such contest. All our experts look forward to the month-end when the scores are lined up, and we pick the top professional and publish their profile on the website pages.

It’s an honour for our wordsmiths to have a client request for them by name, so they do their best to grab the spot.

This month, the award goes to Blake Smith, our excellent essay specialist.

She has been working on all levels and categories of essays and has become our go-to expert on short deadline projects. Let’s hear it directly from her:

“It has been a pleasure working with the British Essay Writing team over the past six years. I’ve had an incredible time working with various clients and improving my skills with the help of my trusty editors and the internal training sessions.

I’m happy to get this title and will do my best to get it again!”

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Do you want to pick your own writer? No problem! Choose from the list below and hire them for your essay:

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If you’re like some of our clients who were dealt a bad hand, you may be exhausted lugging the many burdens of learning, coursework, personal life, and job struggles.

What if we tell you that you don’t have to?

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Here at British Essay Writers, we are the top academic agency that provides quality services and backs them up with multiple guarantees. Read about them below:

Trusted by over 50,000 students

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British Essay Writers has been the go-to academic solution for students in the UK for several years. Read what they have to say about BEW:

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Amelia E.

29th July 2021

Very helpful

I ordered a compare-and-contrast essay from BEW last month, and I received a great sample that helped me a lot. The writer assigned to me was exceptional and sent me a brilliant document.

Order #32556 | Writing Services Completed in 5 days | 6 hours ago
Sam H.

13th September 2020


I wanted to get a compare-and-contrast essay for my marketing project, and I was stuck on how to create the perfect structure. BEW created one for me, and I’m glad I requested their services.

Order #32560 | Writing Services Completed in 6 days | 4 hours ago
James M.

2nd January 2021

Great editing!

I created an essay for my assignment but wanted a professional to take a quick look at it. I hired BEW at a friend’s recommendation, and I’m happy I chose their services. The editor proofread my document thoroughly and made it flawless.

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Highly recommended

British Essay Writers was nothing less than a blessing during my final semester at college. I was struggling with work and some family emergencies and couldn’t make time for some of my tasks. I hired the team, and they helped me out in every project.

Order #32559 | Writing Services Completed in 5 days | 6 hours ago

Why Get Essay Help?

Students have a lot to manage. And if you’re in the UK from another country, your troubles will be graver. Higher-level studies in a foreign language are already tough. When work keeps piling up, it could lead you to a straining point. And if you ever get into a personal crisis, all that burden comes crashing down on you, leaving you back at square one.

So, how would you pick up the pieces and try to get back into the race in the same position you were in?

You can choose external assistance. Essay writing services help students by picking up one share of the burden while they can take care of the rest.

Why be Careful When Choosing a Service?

Let’s give you a scenario many of our customers faced before they reached out to us. You are short on time or have a personal emergency, but there’s an essay deadline to meet. You know you can’t waste time researching incorrect content or learning about the right structure, so you pick the first compare & contrast essay writing service you find. They charge you a hefty amount and then delay it so much you miss your deadline. Chances are they’ll also deliver terrible content or ask for more money right before the deadline.

That can be horrifying.

You’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth, and you wonder how people can be so cheap. However, this is true for many students who’ve suffered at the hands of substandard or scam companies. So, when you’re choosing a service, make sure they’re legit.

British Essay Writers Can Help

The compare-and-contrast essay help services by the experts at BEW are there to solve all your academic needs.

At British Essay Writers, we don’t indulge in shady services that lose customer trust. We have a reputation to protect, and we do so by providing only the highest quality services.

With us, you can be confident that your project will be completed on time, without anyone asking for more money. Moreover, it will be a quality manuscript crafted by subject-matter experts.

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Get Service Support Anytime You Need

British Essay Writers will provide you with the support you need at any time you request for it. While our support staff are quick to answer all major queries, if you have a technical question regarding your subject, they will direct you to an expert immediately. Here are our support provisions:

365/24/7 Support

Our customer support teams are available throughout the year and will accommodate you any time you need our help.

Meet Our Support Stars

Fast query resolutions

If you have any queries or concerns, you can place a request with us, and our experts will resolve it immediately for you.

Meet Our Support Stars

British Essay Writers have been providing custom academic help services to students in the UK for several years. We house experts segmented in subject-specific departments, so you will get what you want in the best quality possible.

Here are the steps you can follow to create a compare-and-contrast essay:

  • Conduct research
  • Brainstorm the similarities and differences
  • Create an outline
  • Start with an introduction and thesis
  • Compare the two subjects throughout the body text
  • Conclude your arguments
  • Proofread

A good compare-and-contrast essay includes a detailed comparison of the elements part of a topic. It should be clear, cover essential elements of comparison, and have a readable structure.

If you have issues understanding or compiling any of this, please feel free to talk to the experts at BEW.

There are two ways to create compare-and-contrast essays. You can either use the point-by-point method or the block method.

  • Block method: This is only used for short manuscripts with a small number of arguments. This method first discusses all elements in the two subjects in “blocks” of dedicated paragraphs and compares the two in the end.
  • Point-by-point method: This method is used for longer manuscripts. It takes a single point and compares both subjects in the paragraph. This is repeated throughout the essay.

Yes! All service provisions by British Essay Writers are 100% legal. We follow GDPR rules and protect client details for anonymity.

If you have to select a topic on your own, best start with one you have an opinion on and can make a case on. You can select from a wide variety of topics and pick one you feel most comfortable with.

British Essay Writers offers quality academic writing assistance through its experienced personnel. However, students, under no given circumstances, can submit our assistance as their original work.

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