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Words To Use In An Essay

Essay writing; an arduous task! It is common knowledge that the link between essay composition and enthusiasm of students while producing it is tenuous. One of the most prominent reasons for this repulsion is the intensive workload required for the structuration of essays. However, most students tend to underestimate, the importance of words to use in an essay. Since the right language can influence the shape and form of an essay, significantly, words have the power to determine the tone of a write-up and dispense it in categories, accordingly.

Diligently Articulated Words And Phrases

Certain words and phrases can be grouped to convey a specific message. Words like these can also be used to complement the structure of your write-up.

  1. Simplifying: Such words are used to simplify the complex ideas in a write-up. It often appears in the form of an explanation, statistical, literary or data-based information. For example:
  • So
  • In order to.
  • In other words.
  1. Addition: Additional words can be used to elaborate a point further without affecting the coherence of the essay. Such words magnify the prospect of complex ideas and help include alternative interpretations in writings, as well. For example:
  • Besides.
  • Similarly
  • Furthermore.
  1. Comparative: Such words are generally used to compare and contrast between two or more forms of data. Moreover, such comparisons can incorporate easily within the structure of an essay. For example:
  • Yet.
  • Alternatively.
  • On the contrary.
  1. Proviso: Conditional words are categorised into this category as they acknowledge the shortcomings in any given piece of work while preventing it from disrupting the coherence of their narrative.
  • Even so.
  • Despite this.
  • Even though.
  1. Demonstrating Significance: Words like these are used to emphasise the importance of a statement and to draw the attention of the readers towards it. For example:
  • Importantly.
  • Undoubtedly.
  • Particularly.
  1. Summarising: Such words are usually visible towards the end of an essay, and are used to establish the final ideas of a write-up. They are of great significance to the essay as they demonstrate conclusive ideas for the write-up, explicitly.
  • Briefly.
  • In summary.
  • Altogether.

Although not all, the words mentioned above can be used to construct the basic body of any given essay completely. Firstly, simplifying words can be held responsible for the elaboration of your topic sentence. Whereas, addition, comparison, proviso and demonstrating significance can all be used to develop the body of an essay, according to the nature of the given. Lastly, the conclusions of an essay can be drawn by summarising all your arguments and articulating a definitive evaluation of it.

Despite the hassle it renders upon students, it is beneficial to know connecting words by heart. Connecting words serve as the key-factor in interlinking one sentence to another. The development of these sentences is what establishes the paragraph itself. Thereby creating a coherent flow of intertwined and complementary paragraphs that gradually develop into an essay.

Therefore, it is justifiable that connecting words potentially form the passage-way for every essay. However, creative writing inclines a lot more towards literary techniques. Usage of metaphors, alliteration, oxymoron’s, hyperbole, personification and juxtaposition can breathe life into such pieces of works, in contrast to the minimalistic essays. However, creative writing itself does not exempt the usage of the above-mentioned words.


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