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What Is The Most Depressing Thing In The World?

Depression is a mental illness that grants you the pessimistic approach to things hence changing your outlook towards life. Fortunately, this illness is curable yet not easy to treat. The motivation spark towards betterment has to ignite in the depressed person first.

The people encountering this sickness possess negative notions associated with everything. However, this illness has some starting point which could be an accident or an incident which influenced the life of the person.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” However, there is one more thing to add to this- we get different scripts to act at. Hence, the problems of one individual differ from other. However, regardless of our diverse fates, we all experience pain at some point in life. Some of the feelings that depress us are mutual which are listed below:

Time Slips Away:

There is a reason scientists are trying to create a time machine- to alter the matters conducted in the past. Why would any human want to do that? Because time slips away blessing us with nothing but regrets to hold on for forever.

The proverbs like “time and tide wait for none” tried to teach us the importance of time. However, it is something universal that humankind doesn’t value time as if they inherit it for eternity. The reality check is indeed an eye-opener, but by then it’s a matter of no return.

Least Number of Well-Wishers:

By the time an individual reaches high school, the circle of dozens of friends starts shrinking to one or two, or even none. It is like people have lost the touch of friendship or loyalty traits in this era. Nevertheless, drifting apart has been a depressing action, yet it is experienced by almost all of us.

The Departure of Loved Ones:

The man is a mortal creature hence we can never escape the grim reaper. The demise of our loved ones always take a toll on us, and we feel displeased about our lives. Recalling the good old memories of glories and gloom, make us feel a void in our lives thus contribute to depression.

Hard Luck:

There are many ways hard luck can strike us: education matters, job opportunities, degraded efforts etc.

Everyone has a different set of abilities which makes us unique among the masses. However, this serves us a competitive disadvantage in our academic matters. For instance, if a person is not good at the writing part, he gets ridiculed or yelled at by others. This generates a negative notion, and that particular person then develops depression unless he takes help from different services like Online Dissertation writing.

Life is not always fair, and our peers may be making more money than us, even though we adhere to the parallel qualification. This factor plays a key role in furnishing a frustrating mindset, giving birth to depression.

On such grounds, depression can haunt us at any stage of our lives. However, it is on our part to choose how to escape from such a noose.


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