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What is a Thesis Statement and How to Do It?

A thesis statement is a concise summary of the asked question. It usually appears in the middle or at the end of the introductory paragraph. A good thesis statement hints at the factual insights that are yet to come as the essay progresses. Following are some easy steps to write a well thought thesis statement that instantaneously grabs the reader’s attention and maintains his interest.

  • Repeating the question:

As a college going student who is working on his or her dissertation, the last thing that the teacher expects from you is to repeat the question as it is. Conjure up your creative side and spare some time to analyze the question being asked. As a college student, you are expected to explore the issue from various facets and then smartly design a thesis statement.

  • Define the question:

As discussed earlier, your sole aim behind writing a thesis statement is not to restate the question. Instead what you should do is to define the question being asked. Remember, you need to maintain a fine balance between defining the issue and not giving the game away by exposing every detail.

  • Use two sentences:

When you hear the phrase “thesis statement” you get the feeling that you have to explain the whole thing in a single sentence. That is not the case at all. When we talk about two sentences, it simply means that the first sentence has to define the question and the second one seeks to provide the reader with a brief description of the issue. If you try to merge the two into one you might leave the reader confused and oblivious of the issue.

  • Answer the question asked:

Your thesis statement should be a full-fledged package, summarised in a merger of merely two sentences. It should never seize to answer the question. Following is the difference between a good and an average thesis statement.

In response to the question “what is your opinion about the adverse impacts of the Soviet regime on the day to day life of the people of the eastern bloc?”

An average thesis statement would state: “The Soviet regime brought social calamities upon the people it governed”.

However, a good and complete thesis statement will state: “During its time in power, the Soviet regime came up with several changes in the day to day life of the people of the eastern bloc. These changes were more of a curse than a blessing due to its impact on the communities.”


Last but not least, to write a high-quality thesis statement, you need to prepare for it beforehand. Essay writing and thesis writing, to be specific, can appear as a monster if you don’t have the right sources of information. The easiest way to get a good hold of thesis writing is to make it a habit to practice daily by writing on some course-related topic. This will help you to write a good thesis statement for your assignment.


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