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What is a narrative essay? And How to write one?

Unlike any other form of an essay, a narrative essay tends to discuss a particular issue while influencing the writer and making them feel like a part of it. A narrative essay is more of an existential history written in accordance with the issue, under discussion.

Following are some tips that will prove helpful in the quest to compose a sumptuous narrative essay.

  • Be very clear:

When specifically talking about a narrative, the best piece of advice to follow is to be very clear and direct. Being clear does not mean adding insufficient information to your essay. When you are explaining an issue or an event that you have personally experienced, you need to use the simplest possible words and tone to convey your message to the reader comprehensively. Your communication should be easy for the reader to understand, as he does not possess prior knowledge of the matter that you are trying to reveal.

  • Be active, not passive:

The one thing that a writer is always anxious about is not to let go of reader’s attention. A content that fails to grasp the reader’s attention is a nightmare for a writer who has invested a lot of time composing an essay. To be active and not passive, you simply need to avoid explaining every move of yours. For example instead of writing “ when the police carried out a raid, me and my comrades ran fast to leave the college campus” you can come up with “ we fled the college campus just as the police showed up”.

  • The right choice of words:

When composing a narrative essay, it is better not to sound too formal. You can slang it up a little as if, you are engaged in a face to face conversation for better reader engagement. For example instead of writing “They presented me with a comprehensive charge sheet signed and endorsed by the judge of the high court” you can write “ I completely freaked out when the constable pulled out a charge sheet all signed and endorsed”.

  • Do not use the second person tone:

A narrative essay is an expression of your personal experience so, write as if you are narrating your own story rather than using a second person tone. By writing in a first-person tone, you can personalize your content and help the reader to follow through.

  • Avoid referencing:

Adding a reference or two is fine when you are writing a hardcore academic essay that is factual and informative. In a narrative essay, you already know what you are writing about plus it’s your own life story so what you write is in itself a reference. Thus, you don’t need to add irrelevant references just as recommended in different types of content such as a dissertation.

All of the tips mentioned above will help you write an impeccable narrative essay to capture your readers’ attention and keep them enchanted till the end.


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