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What Courses Should Be Done After 12th To Become A Professional Writer?

As a student, you may have benefitted from the services of best essay writing service UK that may have provided you with an insight into the writing business. If this field inspires you to become a professional writer, then there is no harm in discovering this avenue and taking relevant courses that help sheen your writing skills.

Some of the writing courses you can avail after the 12th grade are listed below:

Courses Offered by Hubspot:

Hubspot is a web developer that suggests marketing strategies in different sectors including the content writing sector. Following are some of the interesting courses offered by Hubspot:

  1. Understanding Content Marketing:

The duration of this course is ten minutes, and it includes two videos in its syllabus. This course will help you witness a bigger picture of content marketing strategy and will teach you how to target a profitable audience via your blog.

  1. The Power of Story Telling:

This course comprises of four steps, three videos, and twenty-five minutes duration. This course will teach you how to connect your story or content with the issues of the people and how this strategy will help you win an audience. This basic tactic is a well-tested trick used by professional writers that have always worked wonders and turned many heads towards the particular content.

  1. Becoming an Effective Writer:

This course is split into four steps, showcasing three videos and is twenty-three minutes long. This course will teach you the accurate way to display your content and will also hint at the grammatical pitfalls you should avoid. This course is highly recommended for beginners since it outlines the basic required skills to produce a winning content.

Courses Offered by Udemy:

Udemy.com is an online training site that offers various content related courses. Some of them are listed below:

  1. How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search Rankings!

This course is four and a half hour long and provides three downloadable resources. This course revolves around how to produce content that tops the search page, use strong vocabulary, and to come up with endless ideas to produce exceptional content.

  1. Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass+Power Words eBook

This course is almost four hours long that teaches you how to produce a killer content that can rule various websites. It promotes the tagline “content is king” and trains you correspondingly to generate content that is powerful and impactful in nature.

  1. How To Write Better Headlines – For Content, Email & Social

This course contains twenty-seven lectures comprising of three and a half hour that teaches you how to create a tagline or headlines to grasp the attention of the audience. This course helps you add the “hook” element to your blog, website or a service page.

Courses Offered by Coursera:

This is an online training platform that was founded by Stanford professors. Some of the offered courses related to writing are:

  1. English for Effective Business Writing

This course is six weeks long which teaches methods to write business emails, executive summary and helps you adopt an assertive persuasive tone for your essay. This course also has a test at the end of the course session that assesses the knowledge you acquired during the previous online sessions.

  1. The Strategy of Content Marketing

This course is five weeks long and requires you to invest two to three hours daily. This course will teach you how to fabricate and plan a marketing strategy to score a potential audience. Also, this course will teach you how to craft a unique concept from the already prevailing saturated ideas.

These are some of the beneficial writing courses for a beginner level that will help polish your writing ability. Enroll yourself in these courses to make use of your skills to the most. Good luck mapping your way to a successful writing career!


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