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What Are Some Of The Biggest Scams/Cons In Modern History?

Recently, the term scam has gained popularity among the masses, however, the origin of this word dates back to 1960s. The literal meaning of scam is to use quick-profit schemes to cheat or deceive an individual or a group via means of fabricated false information.
The increase of scammers and such services are due to the very obvious reason- a source of the quick, handsome amount of money. It takes ages to build a fortune for oneself, and by using a scam technique, such targets can be achieved in one go. Bottom line, scamming is easier than a hard job and also offers access to a large sum of cash. Many people believe in that. On the other side, there is always a group of careful people, which don’t use scam methods, always buy online on trusted websites and prefer websites with online account verification.
The modern era of technology has discovered new mediums to carry out this heinous activity, some of which are listed below:


In this type of scam, the scammer tricks the person to forfeit his personal information and exploit it further. This scam emerges in a form of an e-mail which displays a link to websites, similar to the authentic ones. If you click on such links, malware and other harmful viruses intrude your computer to record your personal information.

Lottery Scam:

The lottery scammer contacts people to break the news of their lottery win. This scheme approaches people through the mediums of email, phone calls, or text message and asks them to deposit a certain fee to yield the cash price. Once the fee is submitted, the scammers disappear to never be found again.

Ticketing Scam:

Online ticketing saves people from forming a long queue at a particular place and provides them the ease to purchase tickets from the comfort of their home. Nevertheless, the fraudsters have seized this opportunity to sell bogus tickets which can’t be claimed or refunded anywhere.

Writing Scam:

With the advent of online writing help forums, the scammers have also discovered this avenue as a potential hub to loot people. For instance, they set up a fake UKEssays writing website which vanishes after a certain span of time. During the specified timeframe, the people who book their orders, bid goodbye to the cash paid in the name of service fee.

Pension Scam:

In this type of scam, the scammer comes up with an investment plan to convince people to hand over their hard-earned money. People fell prey to their foolproof plans and later suffer the turmoil of events that follow.

Money Mules:

Money mules refer to the character of a middleman which connects different dots to transfer black money from one end to another. Students are vulnerable to this kind of scam since the scammers offer to pay their tuition fees. Nevertheless, aiding a criminal to achieve his objectives is a crime itself and one should avoid this scam at his earliest.

These are some of the ways fraudsters use you for their monetary benefit. Watch out for these trendy scams plus make your friends and family aware about it. Also being a responsible citizen, it is obligatory on our part to report scams, we come across, to safeguard other people from the injurious effects of deceit.


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