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TV Series That Will Galvanize You Into Pursuing A Law Career

TV series are powerful work of art. They can influence you to move towards change, to become a better human being or even to pursue a career you didn’t know you were passionate about. For most people, elements of their personality fluctuate with the series they watch. Hence, when you watch a series and invest yourself in your favorite character’s life, you often find that you are inspired by them. By watching these series, you can clear your doubts about enrolling in a law school and develop the passion you need for becoming a lawyer.  However, if you find law essay writing to be a complex task, you can ask for assistance from a cheap essay writing service UK.

For most women, watching legally blonde was an elevating experience. However, as it was a comedy movie, it could not appeal to a majority of the audience. For this reason, by binge-watching the following TV series, inclusive of multiple genres, you can find the additional motivation that is guaranteed to ignite your inner passion for the law:


    • The Good Wife (Genre- drama):

    The Good Wife exhibits the reality of the political world by tackling social and political issues. With the main character, Alicia Florrick, the series depicts the fluctuating behavior in relationships of people in law. Furthermore, it presents you with the complexity of cases that a lawyer faces along with celebrating victories and overlooking failure. Through its portrayal of veracity in law, the show motivates you to work hard and fight for what you believe in with immense passion as victories only result from devotion to your cause.


    • How To Get Away With Murder (Genre- Mystery/Thriller):

    Despite demonstrating the challenging lifestyle of law students, How To Get Away With Murder still devours a tendency to motivate you into pursuing a law career. Watching the aggressive, fiery arguments of Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) in the courtroom, is bound to make anyone desire that they were a lawyer. With its diversified cast, the award-winning series establishes itself to be superior via its thrilling and addictive content. Regardless of its complicated storyline, the series influences you to test the boundaries of law and comprehend the presence of flaws in the legal system. With this material, you can be encouraged to be part of the change that resolute these defects.


    • Franklin And Bash (Genre: Comedy):

    This series illustrates a different side of the law by presenting the life of street lawyers who join a corporate law firm.  In addition to making you laugh, this series can be quite motivating as it demonstrates an unconventional approach to a courtroom argument. In addition to this, Franklin and Bash serve as an inspiration for students of law via their interesting means of using humor in winning arguments. This series removes any doubts about the law being an interesting subject. Moreover, through its enthusiasm and wit, the series drives you to pursue law with an immense passion for the subject!


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