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Tips to Write Better Essays

Writing an essay is considered to be an extremely exhausting task among students, as it involves quite a lengthy process. But it wouldn’t be as much intimidating if you look at it as a way to polish your writing skills. It is an important part of the academic journey of students, as they have to produce essays almost every other week and submit it to their teachers. An essay normally consists of about 1000 to 2000 words. Students who are easily daunted by the process, they seek help from the several cheap essay writing services UK available online. These services are highly convenient for them, as they are affordable and credible, so there’s no chance of plagiarism. However, if you want to improve your essay writing skills, then below are some essential tips which are highly beneficial.

  1. Word bank:

Creating a word bank can be helpful as it might help you branch out related words which you can include in the essay. Not only it will expand your vocabulary but also make your essay look formal and well-articulated. For this purpose, you first have to think of a topic and then accumulate all relevant words so that you don’t confuse yourself. You don’t necessarily have to add every word of the list in your eventual essay.

  1. Conduct an investigation:

When you’re assigned a topic, you need to go all out. Investigate all arguments, find evidence to support your theories and opinions. Ensure that facts and statistical figures back your arguments. Accommodate proper references and make it as formal as possible, unless the topic is rather personal, of course.

  1. Present both sides:

When you’re writing an argumentative essay, readers are interested in hearing both the sides. Therefore, it is essential that you provide contradicting sides with as much emphasis as possible. Exclude personal biases and look at the fact and evidence which are universally accepted and applauded.

  1. Use the dictionary:

It is important that you make use of a dictionary while writing an essay. If you’ve used the wrong word, the reader will initially be confused and eventually lose interest in what you have to say. So before using a new word, make sure that its meaning conveys your intention.

  1. Understand the topic:

Before you begin the writing process, read the topic at least twice. Understand the question and determine what is being asked. Try not to rush the process. Then based on the topic, decide your tone and type of essay. If the topic requires you to compare and contrast, it is obvious that the essay has to be argumentative. Thus, you’ll opt for a persuasive and urgent tone.

  1. Plan and schedule:

This is the most important tip. When you’re assigned the topic, ensure that you don’t waste all the time procrastinating and begin the writing process a night before submission. You need to be responsible and should calculate how much time you require to produce the essay.  Manage your time accordingly so that you don’t miss the deadline.


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