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Analytical Essay Outline

This Analytical Essay Outline That Can Boost Your Grades

Writing an analytical essay is a regular practice in college or university. However, the requirements vary based on the subject of our analysis. For example, the processes for analysing a research paper, a documentary, a business, a novel, or an event will all be different.

Now, imagine you’ve been looking at your computer screen for what seems like ages, struggling to figure out how to begin your analytical essay. You are torn between composing the introduction first and going right into the body of the matter. Yet, it seems to be too difficult to accomplish either.

What you want is a road map – a solid analytical essay outline for structuring your write-up. Once that is done, writing the essay will become a lot easier and simple.

What is an Analytical Essay?

Before we begin on how to write an analytical essay, you need to understand what an analytical essay is. Your elementary and high school professors must have told you something like, “An analytical essay is a comprehensive piece of writing to examine a subject in detail.”

Isn’t that useful? Not quite so much.

Instead, it would do you more good to know what an analytical essay is not! So, let us spill the beans; it is not a summary. Though this can appear straightforward in principle, identifying it in an essay can sometimes be tricky. So, here is a tip: if your essay reads a lot like a book report, it’s usually just describing events or characters instead of analysing them.

So, exactly what are Analytical essays?

Typically, analytical writing has a more specific emphasis than a summary. On the contrary, it focuses on the various elements of a subject. For example, an analysis of a novel might explore how a specific writing style strengthened the plot or how metaphors provide a certain significance to a poem.

In summary, this type of essay style closely examines a work’s little details to shed light on the bigger image.

The Outline

Analytical Essay Outline – The Formation

There are several methods to organise your analytical essay, but regardless of how you decide to compose it, your essay should always include three essential parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of this shortly. First, however, here’s a visual representation of different aspects that form a solid analytical essay outline.

Analytical Essay Outline – The Introduction

Your introduction’s goal is to pique the reader’s curiosity in your assessment. Therefore, start your analytical essay with a hook and your thesis statement. Then, add a phrase or two detailing how you aim to establish your thesis statement.

Here is what makes an analytical essay introduction interesting:

1.      Grab Attention from the Start

The opening paragraph of your essay introduction should captivate the audience’s interest. This is known as the hook.

The hook should be exciting or intriguing. You can accomplish this by raising a rhetorical question, providing pertinent information, or presenting an uncommon or provocative comment.

For example, “Ever since the launch of first publication in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, certain Christian groups have condemned the novels for encouraging wizardry,” you could argue. However, one of the novels’ core themes is inspired by Christianity itself: sacrifice.”

So, these are two statements introducing the main arguments of the essay. However, they are also intriguing and not too revealing, enticing the audience to read further.

2.      Raise the Bar with a Killer Thesis Statement

Now, after grabbing your reader’s interest, it’s time to get to the core. This is when the thesis statement enters the picture.

Your thesis can be “The idea of sacrifice is represented strongly throughout the series. It is expressed as sacrificing for the better cause, suffering for ultimate triumph, and compromising to uphold a commitment.”

3.      Backing-up your Statement

Show the audience how you intend to back up your assertion.

For example, you can inform the reader that you aim to examine Harry’s “demise,” Voldemort’s decision to split his soul in return for immortality, and Snape’s sacrifice to keep a vow made to Lily Potter.

Analytical Essay Outline – The Body

The body of an essay allows you to be extremely imaginative and experiment with layout. There are three body paragraphs in the flowchart. However, you can add as many or as few paragraphs as you like – as long as each paragraph justifies your argument.

Each body paragraph in the outline begins with a subject phrase, following three sets of statements, proof to substantiate those assertions, and how that evidence relates to your purpose statement.

Again, three isn’t always a lucky number in this case. You can make one statement with material or make five assertions to back up your topic phrase. Whatever approach you opt for, take care of the following:

1.      Create a Compelling Topic Sentence

Each subject phrase in each body section of your analytical essay outline should inform the reader precisely what that part will be about.

2.      Assert your Claim

The claim should include a more specific section of the overall topic phrase.

The main phrase you provided can be split into numerous smaller statements. For example:

Harry was aware he was obeying prophecies, that he was ready to die, and that his demise would have far-reaching impacts.

3.      Provide Evidence

You can’t just go about making assertions without any evidence to back them up. To provide proof, you can use quotations or paraphrases from the text.

For example, we can support our earlier claim by narrating the various scenes from the book. These may include scenes where Harry discovers the prophecy or is afraid of it and where he accepts and embraces it.

4.      Connect your Evidence to the Topic Sentence

You have to make it obvious why you include the material. If you don’t, your analytical essay risks becoming a summary.

For instance, with the prophecy citation, you can tell the audience that Harry and his companions heard the prophecy and knew it could only be about him (although some argue that it could’ve been alluding to Neville, but we’ll keep that out of this example). They understood that either Voldemort or Harry had to suffer, and he had to be ready to do so.

Finally, while not necessary for a great analytical essay outline, transitions should be added when writing the final draft. This improves the readability of your essay.

Constructing your Analytical Essay Conclusion

You’re set to sum it all up once you’ve built up the body of the essay, given ample proof to back up your arguments, and linked that evidence to your fantastic subject sentences.

The conclusion should be a quick repeat of your key ideas but not a literal duplication of them.

“There are various motives behind sacrifice—helping others, helping oneself, or keeping a commitment to a loved one—and J.K. Rowling addresses several of them via the protagonists in the Harry Potter book series,” for example.

Of course, this is not a complete conclusion. To round it up and give the reader a feeling of satisfaction, tie the concept to real-world examples or close with a statement from the book or the author.

Steps to Writing a Top Law Essay – An Example of a Critical Essay Outline

To help you better understand what a good analytical essay outline can achieve, we will discuss writing a law essay. Of course, there will be varying standards for what qualifies as a first-class law essay depending on your institution and the sort of assignment you are composing. However, these generic steps to writing a top law essay will point you in the right way. We have provided below some generic steps to writing a top law essay, which will point you in the right way. However, these steps are not limited to law essay writing only. You can use these for marketing essay writing, philosophy essay writing, finance essay writing, or for any other subject.

1.      Start in Advance

Start writing your law essay as soon as you receive the subject. Not only does leaving things till the last moment cause extra tension, but it also limits you with little time to write, review, and polish your work.

2.      Read, Understand & Deconstruct

Do not continue until you have thoroughly comprehend the question. Instead, take the time to break down the question into components and seek guidance from your tutor. This will be quite beneficial.

3.      Do your Research

The data must come from appropriate, trustworthy, and up-to-date sources. Otherwise, you harm your chances of writing a first-rate law essay. A rule of thumb is, the more authentic the source, the more points you will receive. When feasible, use primary materials over secondary materials.

4.      Make a Plan

Following your study, you will have a better notion of the type of material you want to include in your writing. Then, take a sheet of paper to enlist your goals for each paragraph. This makes it simpler to write the essay because starting without a strategy might be difficult.

5.      Compose a Stellar Introduction

An effective introduction should begin by outlining the study subject. Do this without just asking the same question again. Second, provide a blueprint for the audience, indicating how the essay will address the issue.

6.      Add your Thesis

This is your point of view on the subject at hand, and it will normally be in your introduction. Take a firm attitude and avoid becoming ambiguous. Avoid taking apparent positions; being unique is advantageous.

Before you begin writing, consider if you can show your point in the given word limit or if you need to take a more moderate stance for the assignment.

7.      Incorporate Counter-Arguments

This will demonstrate your wealth of knowledge on the subject. Then, rebut these arguments and clarify why yours is superior. While this is crucial for critical essays in general, it is especially necessary for law assignments.

8.      Conclude with all Essential Information

Briefly mention all the important points you’ve made throughout. Then, in your conclusion, reiterate your solution to the law essay for clarity.

9.      Proofread & Eliminate all Errors

Once you are done writing your law essay, don’t just submit it right away. Instead, proofread and edit mercilessly. You can also request someone to read your article and provide constructive criticism for a second opinion and finesse.

This is important since you might have missed grammatical faults. They do not need to be a lawyer because a well-written document should be understandable to everybody.

10.  Print & Submit on Time

Be sure to print the final version of your essay a night before submission to avoid any mishaps and submit it to your professor on time.

Why Create Signature Assignments?

The professors usually select a signature assignment to evaluate program-level academic achievement. In addition, assessment based on signature assignment is a technique to determine whether pupils have understood the subject thoroughly. 

Signature assignments are not “generic assignments” or “public tasks.” On the other hand, a signature assignment is an assignment, task, activity, project, or test to evoke specified learning goals. Furthermore, it gathers direct information about student development across many programs or segments over time. Signature assignments are frameworks that professors customise to meet their course topic.

Get Analytical Essay Help from the Best

While we have provided an outline to help you write a great analytical essay, many students still struggle with these. Writing an analytical essay is very different from writing a simple one. Therefore, many students find it difficult to complete these essays. Moreover, student life is very busy. They hardly find any time to focus on essay writing when they are so consumed with their other academic obligations. This leads to a poor score, which ultimately means poor grades.

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What are the parts of an analytical essay?

An analytical essay will typically consist of the following parts:

  • An intriguing introduction
  • three (or more) body paragraphs
  • a conclusion

In addition, your analytical essay should include at least three primary points, which must appear in both the thesis and the body paragraphs.

How long should an analytical essay be?

Your analysis paper should be between 600 and 1000 words in length, depending on the topic and your grade level. Ask your professor to confirm the exact preferable length.

How many paragraphs should be in an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is essentially a five-paragraph essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion, with different components necessary for each segment. However, there can be exceptions with fewer or more body paragraphs.


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