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Social Policy Essay: What Is Social Policy?

There are certain guidelines and parameters set in place that a civilisation must abide and live by, as these are dictating terms, which enable an individual to live within the norms and values set by the society. Social policy, in particular, involves how different societies and communities deal with different humans needs across the globe, such as education, work, security, health, and wellbeing. The advent of social policies was initiated to help different communities and states respond to current and rising economic, demographic and social problems.

The reigning government primarily sets these policies, as they dictate how their administration is going to deal with welfare and social protection for their people. Several universities dotted across the UK have gained a deep interest in social welfare and social policy like after the Second World War, the swift expansion of public services created a conducive environment for welfare benefits to emerge. In the initial stages, a concept of social policy created by William Beveridge aimed to minimise and tackle five particular social ills, which are unemployment, poverty, lack of education, poor housing and lack of health facilities, as the post-war period gravely needed these pressing matters to be dealt with, due to the dearth of resources and infrastructure.

Like any other concept, the concept of Beveridge’s welfare state also raked in a considerable amount of criticism, as different scholars started pointing out gaps and loopholes. These scholars spoke about how Beveridge failed to take sexism, racism and other factors into consideration, which were essentially making the foundation of the society porous. With shifting times and evolving eras, it has now been understood that to create effective social policies, different strata’s and different groups of the society need to be valued and listened to. Policy makers need to look at the global front, as each country tackles the same problem differently and they need to understand how the amalgamation of different intellectual perspectives is important for creating a befitting social policy.

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In the 21st century, matters like unemployment insurance, living conditions, social housing, animal rights, pensions, etc. have come to the forefront. Different facets and different engaging forces shape the modern world; therefore, today, social policy isn’t relegated to a one-dimensional viewpoint. Instead, it comprises the involvement of different subjects such as economics, management, environmental science, etc. and it consistently looks towards maximising the well-being of the people on a larger scale.


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