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Smart Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay

We have seen several teachers lamenting about their students’ writing skills, however, the offensive and disappointing remarks of professors on essay writing skills of college students have raised the question on their abilities and educational performance. Recently, research was conducted on the mistakes students commit while writing an essay and the result indicated that students are unaware of the different types and kinds of essays that’s why they tend to follow the same conventional and orthodox essay writing pattern while writing. Especially, when it comes to persuasive essay writing students take that as a normal narrative perhaps because they don’t know the primary purpose of persuasive essay writing.

The ultimate purpose of the persuasive essay is to convince the mind of the reader and to make sure that whatever you are writing is worth believing and reading. Indubitably, writing a persuasive essay is not an easy task as it requires analytical as well as critical skills as well as because of the fact that the persuasive essay topics are interesting and controversial at the same time. However, one who has mastered the art of persuasive writing can make a carrier in writing and blogging as it persuasive writing skills take your writing style to the next level. Learning the persuasive writing skills can take a significant amount of time, but you can augment and enhance it by following the expert tips discussed in this blog.

Proper Structure:

There is no point in writing a persuasive essay when you introduce one point or idea in one paragraph, and then you don’t stick to it in another paragraph. Continuously shifting from one idea to another throughout the essay will show that how disorganized and muddled your work is. For overcoming the shambolic state of mind while writing, you must make a proper outline before writing the final essay. It will certainly provide a refined structure to the essay.

Introductory and concluding paragraphs:

Like a fisherman uses bait to entice the fishes, in the same way, a writer should use the hook sentences in the introduction of the essay to grab the attention of the reader. However, writing attention-grabbing sentences might be difficult for the writer making the first attempt to write a persuasive essay, but once they get an idea of it, they can easily write extraordinary sentences in the introduction.

Writing a conclusion might be a difficult task for the students as they have to summarise all the important points in the concluding paragraph. However, writing all the important point in a precise manner will help the examiner in getting a fair idea of your content. Hence, you must make it certain to write a well-written conclusion.

Supporting Evidence:

Validating your point of view is crucial in persuasive essay writing because your ideas are worthless without supporting evidence. One way to improve the overall quality and readability of your essay is to collect the relevant supporting evidence before writing. Hence, students must collect supporting evidence prior to writing.


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