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Selecting the Nursing Essay Topic – Nursing Reflective Essay Writing

Selecting the Nursing Essay Topic – Nursing Reflective Essay Writing

This nursing essay is an example of selecting nursing essay topic and synchronizing it with the best nursing essay writing activities.

My name is Prats, I am married and have two children aged 6 and 7 years. I am an entrepreneurial nurse by vocation. When I finished my studies I entered the Hospital in Barcelona, where I worked for eight years while I was moonlighting in two other centers. I was passionate about my profession and therefore spent part of my vacation working in a hospital in Guatemala and in Barcelona as a volunteer serving older people.

I specialized in Nuclear Medicine and toured various hospitals. In the past where I worked, we launched a project to improve the quality of care for cancer patients. Hence the idea arose Nutrim, space where we work to promote health, promoting healthy lifestyles and accompany people in the process of recovery after an illness.

In my family, we are 3 brothers, and all work on their own. I think we live and small, watching our father always in his office working late. At age 8 I did my first steps as an entrepreneur making candy in the kitchen of my parents’ home and selling them to friends. It was the perfect business investment Zero, zero expenses, all profit. I finished my studies and in the almost 19 years I worked as a nurse, I always wanted to have my own project, but the health sector is a little entrepreneurial sector and is not easy to find an opportunity.

A couple of years in the Nuclear Medicine Department where I worked, we started a project with cancer patients. At that time I began to realize that there was an unmet need in the sick and he could hardly offer a hospital. The light bulb went off! I made a business plan and as it was writing, the idea grew and the project had more and more sense. I presented a program for entrepreneurs and was one of those selected. They were six months to go, and go training; networking’s and interacts with interesting people with ideas, projects, and dreams! The project matured and began to believe it was possible. December 1, 2011, we opened Nutrim, and until today.

I realize that may not work as expected, but in any case, the progress made and the experience is not taught in any university.

Live better entrepreneurs:

It depends on what you mean by “live well”. In my case, I always worked with very strict schedules and shifts, now are great, I have the freedom to manage my own tempo and to decide the way forward. Also, I had a great time with my job; every day is different from the previous one and is really an exciting adventure. The only thing I miss is the life inside the hospital: my companions, sometimes frantic moments, my patients of oncology and the coming and going of people.

Economically, they’ll tell you! I do not have to enter monthly payroll, but I’m much happier! But it also means risk undertaking, and not everyone is willing. On one occasion, someone with a linked to the world of social entrepreneurship charge told me: Of course! Who has money, give funding! It hurt me. The salary of a nurse is not to throw rockets, but still risked my savings and part of my husband to create Nutrim. If we lived beyond our means during those years it would not have been able to invest to start up a business. It saddens me to think that the effort is not recognized as a value. Nobody gave me anything, but still safe.

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