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Most Widely Used Referencing Styles In the UK Essay

There are numerous referencing styles available for different subjects showcasing diverse information about a certain topic. Professors assign their students with essay homework and provide them with the requirement of citation styles, font size, and the word count limit.

In the grading of an essay project, the referencing style holds significant weightage thus it is necessary that you embed the correct one in your UKEssays. Also, you should carefully cite your text, if you want your document to be taken seriously and to be perceived well.

A citation style is generally dependent on the academic sector involved. Some of the most used citation styles are listed below:

American Psychological Association (APA):

The origin of APA style dates back to 1929 and is mainly used in papers that are scientific or research-based. The APA citation style comprises of three elements: the author’s name, the date of publication, and the reference publication’s title. The third element also includes details of the specific page number (only if you quote a certain quotation in your text from the reference specified).

When you are using an APA citation style, consider the following:

  • There are certain authentic sources that don’t depict the correct date of publication. In such a case use “n.d.” instead of date.
  • If the name of the author is missing, you can use a shortened version of the title at hand instead.
  • If there are multiple citations in a single paragraph, place them in an alphabetical
  • All references stated in the text should also appear at the end of the document in the bibliography section.

Modern Language Association (MLA):

MLA referencing citation style is mostly used in writings related to humanities; the branches may include English, literature, Philosophy etc. This style uses a parenthesis that includes the author’s last name and the reference page number.

The common problem a student encounters is deciding when to use an italicised font. If you are citing a book source, use an italicised font for its title and if you are citing some editorial, then only the name of the periodical is italicized.

Keep the following considerations in check:

  • If you have mentioned the author’s name in your sentence then there is no need to mention it again in the cited reference, only the page specification would suffice.
  • You should embed the reference during a break in your writing, preferably at the end of the sentence.
  • The e-sources are cited in a similar manner as the printed resources. However, if your online reference doesn’t include page numbers, omit this detail.


The Chicago referencing style use two methods of citations:

  • The endnotes/footnotes and the bibliography at the end of the text.
  • The author-date method.

The first class is used in the arts and humanities-related documents, whereas the second class is used in natural, physical, and social sciences.

For the Note- bibliography (NB) style, the list provided at the end of the document requires references placed in alphabetical order. This bibliography may also include references that were not cited in the text, but they contributed somehow to the formation of the document at hand. There are different punctuation and citation rules for diverse resources such as a book, journal, website etc. Also, these rules vary in nature for the NB and author-date method.

Citing a document is the primary requirement for an authentic piece of writing, and it shows how much respect you hold for the particular work of the person. Bottom line, don’t overlook the importance of citation and its style when fabricating your essay. Happy citing!


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