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Local Variable Referenced Before Assignment

With technology evolving by the minute, new subjects and disciplines have entered the space of the educational structure. A high-level computing language, such as MATLAB, comprises different elements, different constituents, and different functions, which the user must perfect before utilising the software, as a singular element out of place or inappropriately placed can lead to errors, thus leaving the task unfinished.

MATLAB, as a discipline, consists of creating a commercial programming environment through the use of mathematical data. Its syntax is compact, it is utilised for manipulating 2D arrays, and it facilitates the process of running supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms on datasets.

Due to gaps in knowledge or lack of finesse over the programming language, users might encounter the error of ‘UnboundLocalError’ in their code, which was working seamlessly previously. However, by adding an assignment statement inside the ‘printx’ function, whereby you increase the value of the global variable ‘x’, the user leads itself to start getting ‘Unbound Local Error’.

Owing to this reason, users need to employ the use of an all-inclusive approach. They need to view matters with a closed and maximised lens, as only by viewing matters with an intricate focal point, can we then uncover pieces of information that are otherwise inaccessible to our thought process.

Nevertheless, if you are unable to compile together your headspace, as you are suffering troubles in understanding this perplexing and convoluted concept. Then, arises the necessity for students to reach out and make it a priority to avail the assistance of the best MATLAB assignment writing service, as these facilities are aware of each element that goes into creating an impeccable MATLAB assignment. They understand mathematical modelling; they understand the underlying foundation of visualisation and are professionals in the field of machine learning environments.

Follow through to understand the possible elements that result in an ‘UnboundLocalError’.

  • In python, the entire mass of variables inside a function is global, if they haven’t been assigned any value; this, therefore, means that if a variable is referenced inside a function, then it is global. Nevertheless, if a value is assigned to a variable inside a function, then its scope becomes local, unless until it is declared ‘global’ explicitly.


The solution for this error is to change the scope of the variable to ‘global’. Hence, users need to realise the importance of using a global keyword with a variable, if you are only assigning value to the variable inside a function and if you wish to overwrite the value of a variable declared in the global scope.

There is another plausible possibility, which could be the need for the user to install an earlier version of TensorFlow, as there is a bug in the software. Moreover, if you are using Python 3, you’ll have the ‘nonlocal’ keyword. Therefore, by replacing ‘global’ by ‘nonlocal’, you are likely to set matters into motion.

In a nutshell, when it comes to understanding the errors or glitches that can prop up in software, then users need to harness the use of their complete knowledge, as only a well-balanced perspective can lead to fruitful results.

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