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Local Safeguarding Children Board Social Work Essay

In a society that is laden with inequalities, injustices, and pressing challenges, it has become increasingly important for certain individuals to stand up for what is right, for them to defend communities, for them to commit to bringing a change and for them to strengthen the community by voicing opinions that matter. With the positive social change, these individuals who are known as social workers, bring a difference to the lives of people, they shift the paradigm of inequality that consumes the society, and they work towards creating a better tomorrow.

Social workers are typically tasked with the task to identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from abuse, as the onus falls onto their shoulders to figure out the process of working towards the betterment of the greater whole. With vulnerabilities and disadvantages filling the very fabric of the society, social workers have to work keenly to eliminate the maltreatment and disregard that is afflicted onto children and they have to set in measures to ensure proper development and wellness of a child’s life.

Therefore, if you are writing out a social work essay, then make it a point to follow through on the below-mentioned elements, as these elements play a significant play in binding together an excellent social work essay.

  • Core Of The Narrative:

The center plot points of the essay should be centered on aligning each perspective with themes of social justice, empowerment, and human rights. In order to allow a child to lead a fulfilling life, the social worker needs to figure out the red flags and the loopholes. With subtle hints, the social worker needs to assess whether a behavior is a dangerous consequence of an action. Through the course of the narrative, the student needs to showcase their understanding of comprehending physical abuse (bruises, scars, cuts, etc.), sexual abuse (blood or marks on clothes, sleeping problems, absence of interest in appearance, etc.) and psychological abuse (sudden emergence of nightmares, depression, cruelty towards animals or abnormal sleep patterns).

  • Explain:

Through the plot points, the student needs to explain to the reader how the process of dealing with abuse progresses. If there any suspicious acts being carried out, then an individual must take certain actions, in order to bring the pressing matter to light. This process typically comprises asking the person abused if they are fine and if they respond with a response that says otherwise, then the process entails calling an emergency medical service, in order to secure forensic evidence.

  • Process:

Once the evidence is collected or before it is collected, the writer must display through the use of prose that it is of paramount importance for the evidence to not be tampered with, as these pieces of details are key in crack opening a legal suit. Therefore, nothing should be touched; no one should be allowed to enter the premises within which the incident took place, and the one abused should refrain from cleaning or washing any part of their body.

Overall, it can be said that social workers play a pivotal role in enhancing the life of an individual, as they safeguard children and adults alike from mistreatment, and they work towards securing their future. However, their manner of working needs to be explained accurately in any given narrative, as their work holds immense importance.


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