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Learn How to Reference a journal article in Harvard Style: Guide

During the university years, it is mandatory for students to fabricate a well composed and difficult document to graduate successfully. This content is essential as it is designed after months of research and written in a relatively formal and intricate manner. There is a precise guide of principles that are obligatory to follow as they are utilized to enhance the overall structure of the dissertation. These set of rules are impeached to meet the standards of the scientific community.

When it comes to formatting and referencing, every institution has its rudiments. Students of social sciences and humanities usually opt for Harvard style referencing as opposed to science students who apply APA referencing method. Hence, the referencing is discriminated by discipline and separate degree programs. It plays a critical part it formalizing the entire document.

Harvard refinancing is particularly an ingenious style of referencing and quite popular in the academic community. Although university going students primarily utilize it, it is also applicable to books and manuscripts. Let us discuss the two types of Harvard referencing style.

  • In-text citations: The in-text citations are essentially utilized when you’re directly quoting an author or paraphrasing what he or she said. Below is an example of how you can inculcate an in-text citation in your content piece.

“A rat in a maze is free to go…” – (Atwood, 1985)

“There are several issues for young drives, including the issue of distraction…” (World Health Organisation, 2011)

“It seemed like forever ago like we’ve had this brief but still infinite…” (Green, 2012)

  • Reference list: This form of referencing is done at the end of the dissertation in the form of a bibliography. This is where writers give credit to the work of authors which they have incorporated into their content. It is done for two reasons. The first one is to acknowledge the authors for the work they’ve produced that is now facilitating others to communicate their point across. And secondly, the reference is provided to accommodate readers with a direct link to the original write up. In this regard, certain rules must be considered potently. They must highlight the name of the author by providing the initials of their first name followed by the sir name. Moreover, enter the year of the publication so that people can establish when the research was conducted. The title of the dissertation has to be presented in inverted commas, and the font should be italics. Below is an example of a general Harvard style reference list.

Fitzgerald, F. (2004). The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner.

Pointing, S. (2006). What Caused the Cronulla Riot?: Sage Journals.

Bloom, H. (2001) Can 35 Million Book Buyers Be Wrong? Yes. The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal.

As you would have noticed and learned by now that to write the bibliography by following the Harvard referencing style, you have to first mention the sir name and initials followed by the year of publication, the name of the title, and publication house respectively.


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