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Essay is something which has the format and structure and it is important to follow that structure .the UK essay structure is mostly divided into three categories i: e introduction, central body and conclusion. Introduction which give the thesis statement or define the thesis question and define the concept of that question is normally of one paragraph after that central body paragraphs comes .they are mostly divided into two to three paragraph in which every paragraph gives detail about the subtopics of topics and prove it by authentic examples and facts and figures. These three paragraphs of central body divide the main topic into sub topic and define each sub topic and give the best example of it. Also define how this example is best suited for the topic. It is good to give authentic example or facts and figures because it makes the essay stronger.UK essay structure is mainly focus on the central part.UK essay structure in central body describe the hypothesis question that you had ask initially it also explain the answer of that question and also discuss the consequences of it and the problems of it .then the solution and recommendation of these problem is given in conclusion part. Mostly all the data and facts and figures show in middle part of essay. The central part of the essay is the part which describes all the detail concerning topic. it is the part which reader find it more useful in the sense of knowledge. It also shows that how much writer know about the topic and how strong grip him/her have on the issue.


Economic analysis is one of the important tools for the evaluation of any project. Almost every firm hire economist as a monitoring evaluation officer or as a researcher because they want them to do economic analysis of their running project or new project which they want to start. Any project evaluation is done by cost benefit analysis method it means that what is the cost of the project and when will be the cost of that project cover and then it start to give benefit. The analysis also done in the way that in long run will the benefit of the project is greater than the cost or there is also the comparative analysis in which economist analysis two   project that which project is better in the sense that which one of them has long life ,because long life project give more benefit to the firm as compare to other. In comparative analysis another method is to compare the cost of the project that which project have least cost that will be good for the firm and last but not least another comparative analysis done in the way that economist estimate the benefits of the project and select the one which give more benefit as compare to other. The benefit analyses are many some of them are:

  • SIMPLICITY: It makes the decision simple and it also itself a simple method to assist any project.
  • ESTIMATION: This is the simplest method of estimation .it also estimates the expected cost and expected earning of the project.
  • ACCURACY: This is the method which is free from error and it is a accurate method to calculate.
  • GOAL SETTING: It also set the goals that if the project is beneficial in the long run and the firm has to start that so what is the initially production level that gives the estimated profit which the firm decide in their goals.

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