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How To Write An Interesting Persuasive Essay Topic?

A persuasive essay is fabricated in a manner that can convince the audience as per the essayist’s viewpoint and persuade them to adopt the very same idea presented by the writer. Typically, there are two sides of the picture, and the writer has to choose one to advocate.

To make the essays impactful, the writer has to research the persuasive essay topics that can wow the audience. This type of essay writing is special since it requires immense thinking and creativity to urge the target audience.

Not all writers can outperform such essay since only the seasoned writers have the expertise to convey the message via their words in such form of essay writing.

Below listed are the steps that you can use to write an interesting persuasive essay:

Choose a Topic:

From time and time again, experts have spoken a lot about the importance of selecting an intriguing topic for the essay. However, the significance of this step increases further in the case of a persuasive essay since it is easier to mold the thinking of an audience, which already has an understanding of the ideas being presented.

You can include topics from literally every walk of life. Furthermore, you can also choose topics that question a fictitious situation. The examples may include:

  • What if the donkeys take over the world?
  • Is suicide justified or not?
  • Afterlife- is it a thing?
  • Can bloggers be called influencers?
  • Cats make perfect pets.
  • Is there life on Mars?
  • Dinosaurs- are they still hidden somewhere?
  • Are exams the right method to judge our proficiency?

The list can go on and on, therefore, invest a huge chunk of your time and select the topic that lies in your area of expertise and the one that may turn heads of many.

Get Your Hands On the Research Material:

Once you know your topic, you should dig in deep to collect the information about major dimensions associated with the topic subject. For instance, if you are writing about “What if the donkeys take over the world?’ you should research about the distinctive qualities of the donkey and further investigate factors that may make donkey a potential ruler.

After you have collected such matter, choose the side you wish to advocate. You can either refute the reason that the donkey should be granted a kingdom or, on the other hand, you can root for the donkey kingdom. Take your pick and start working on the arguments you will present as per the side selected.

Devise a Plan:

You should craft a plan by creating an outline that states the major pointers you will be including in your persuasive essay text. For this purpose, you can use a tree- branch method so that you don’t lose grip of any of the ideas and jot the accurate connection among the diverse creative ideas.

Ensure a Flow Pattern:

The text of the essay should follow a flow pattern which means that the sentences and paragraphs should fit well together. Therefore, write your persuasive essay that engages readers via its intriguing content of perfect structure.

Proofread & Edit:

After the writing phase, you should recheck your text to see if your writing is facing any deficiency or if you have overlooked mistakes. Correct the errors and ensure proper formatting to set the right stage for your persuasive essay.

Using this method, you can formulate the persuasive essay examples as illustrated above. Remember, you have the potential to touch the skies, so don’t limit yourself to the grains of the soil. Practise hard and good luck finding your way to the exceptional writing skills.


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