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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Learning the spelling of words like ‘umbrella’ or ‘aero plane’ can be a huge challenge for a kid. If you keep trying and get nowhere, a fear settles within you. Unless you were a gifted child, of course, then it must’ve been a piece of cake for you as we grow up; the fear still lingers on. So naturally, when you got assigned to work on an ‘exemplification essay’, you probably freaked out.

Don’t let the word exemplification overwhelm you, though. It’s actually very similar to an argumentative or analytical essay, and we’re sure you’ve worked with those before. Hence, nothing much to freak out over.

What is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay requirements are rather straightforward once you get to know them.  You are to work on an essay that can be either argumentative or analytical and use various examples to back up your thesis statement. Your evidence can consist of facts, quotes, statistics and any other incident or event that you deem worthy of proving your point.

What you’re supposed to be doing is to convince the reader that your point of view is correct based on the evidence you’ve mentioned. Basically, through an exemplification essay, your job is to be a lawyer, and you have to convince the judge that your client is not guilty. We’re hoping you understood that metaphor.

How to write an Exemplification Essay

Step 1:

Picking exemplification essay topics can be an extremely crucial step. You’ve got a lot riding on it. Because if you don’t pick the right topic to work on, it might not have favorable results. For instance, if you pick a topic about which there’s hardly any material available for evidence, you’d have to scrap the whole thing and start it from scratch.

Furthermore, you need to pick a topic that deals with the latest trends or is useful to the reader or is unique to grab attention.

Step 2:

Thorough research is a must for any essay. It would be best if you studied up about a topic before diving head-first into it. Hence, explore the information that’s available in the sea of knowledge that Google possesses. Now that you’ve picked a topic, your search should be narrowed down and specific. To get some essay help refer to an academic writing service. 

However, make sure you only study reliable source material. Websites like Wikipedia, which allow anyone to edit the information, are not at all reliable. Hence, you ought to look at articles, journals, published papers, and reputable websites to be your trustworthy source. Avoid personal blogs as they tend to exhibit biased information.

Step 3:

Your exemplification paper must consist of relevant and appropriate examples. That means your examples shouldn’t be fictional or made up out of thin air just for the element of surprise. They have to be practical and keep the attention of the reader. Your examples are going to be the backbone of your thesis. Hence, your emphasis on them is of high importance.

For instance, if you’re going to be writing about billionaires globally, you can mention Mark Zuckerberg and how he acquired this status; however, you would not be mentioning that he’s a dropout from Harvard because that piece of information is not relevant.

Step 4:

Before you begin any essay, you’d most likely ponder over its structure and draw up an outline. Similarly, for an exemplification essay outline you have to make a mind map regarding how you’re going to tackle this essay. Now, there’s no hard and fast rule or much less a template for an exemplification essay. However, that doesn’t mean your essay can be all over the place, and it’ll be fine.

You’ll have to devise your own outline for the paper based on your thesis statement. For instance, you can go for one paragraph each for the introduction and conclusion. Each idea should be followed by an example and so on forth.

Step 5:

We’d recommend that you work on the body first and then address the introduction. In particular, the exemplification paragraph will be the main content of your essay, where you put forth your points along with the evidence. In between the change of points, there should be a smooth transition. You should not abruptly end one paragraph to begin the other.

Dividing the content should be able to streamline your thought process and writing. We’d suggest you start each paragraph with a topic sentence so the reader can get an idea of what you will be talking about in the particular section.

Step 6:

The introduction will lay down the foundation for your exemplification essay. So you’ll need to focus on making it interesting and thought-provoking to bait your audience. One of the tactics you can use to get their attention is a bold statement in particular or perhaps, an astounding statistic that should make them curious. Most of all, they need to know that once they start reading your paper, only its conclusive end will satisfy their thirst. A well-written exemplification essay example would give you a clear idea.

Another tactic you can employ to pique their curiosity is using a famed quote or an anecdote. Of course, any opening will do as long as it’s similar to the domain you’re writing about.

Step 7:

The conclusion of your exemplification essay should remind the readers of your thesis statement once more and then go on to elaborate on how you brought it to an end. Bring one of the examples to their attention once more to wrap it all up in a neat little bow. Furthermore, you have to make sure you’re ending your essay on a note that should leave no other questions in the reader’s mind.

Your conclusion should aptly sum up your entire essay so that there is no confusion. There should be a sense of completeness; otherwise, your essay won’t have much of an impact.

Step 8:

Before we begin, you might find this step irrelevant, but it’d be in your favor not to ignore it. See, after using up your brain to a maximum extent, a break is a must. To give your essay an overview objectively, your mind needs to be fresh instead of drained. Otherwise, you’d be just redundant in your essay, which won’t bode well with the reader.

So, take a break, have a KitKat or whichever chocolate you like because it’ll help you de-stress. Not only that, if you haven’t been outside, it’d do you some good to get some fresh air as well.

Step 9:

Now, with a fresh mind, you should be able to look at your exemplification in a new light. Edit out anything that needs rectification. Have a do-over on the parts you wrote hurriedly. If there’s a stronger point that you didn’t add, you should make space for it.

One tactic is to read aloud your essay to pinpoint anything that’s out of order. You’ll be able to spot any grammatical or spelling errors, and this way, proofread the entire essay. Make sure you go over the essay a couple of times until you are satisfied with the work yourself. An exemplification essay definition would say that the essay needs work until the very last minute.

Step 10:

The last step of your exemplification essay requires a lot of bravado, for you’d be handing your essay to someone else to critique it. But, once they do that, you have to take the criticism like a champ and improve the points which they said were weak. Sure, you don’t have to adhere to each one of their recommendations but only where you seem there’s a necessity.

This will allow you to gain a fresh perspective on your writing. If you feel there’s something they misunderstood, you should ask them to elaborate to you so that you can write that part more concisely.

Dissecting an exemplification essay sample

To understand this type of essay, you ought to look at a few exemplification essay examples so that you can get the gist of it properly. Go through the essay and then critique it. Think if you were in the writer’s shoes what you would’ve done differently to go about the topic. Check if the sources mentioned are credible. Suppose if there are any unanswered questions at the end. If you have, then the writer probably didn’t do a very good job of it. Compare the same write-up with other similar works.

This way, you can improve your academic writing as well.

Prewriting and writing an exemplification paragraph  

For a first-timer working on an essay of this type might be daunting, and because of that very fear, it is possible that you might mess up, which means you’re going to second-guess yourself a lot during your whole writing process. Despite going through multiple exemplification essays you might get confused while working on one yourself.

Here’s a breakdown in case you’re in a dilemma about where to start from:

  1. Choose a topic of your interest so that you can have plenty of knowledge at hand before you even begin.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a topic, focus on brainstorming on it. So that you have all the information in your head on paper and you won’t have to recall anything. This should help you finalize your stance ergo thesis statement.
  3. The fact of the matter is unless you pick out the right examples to go with your essay, it might not pack a punch. So, conduct your research thoroughly and extract the examples next to your brainstorming.
  4. Your next step is to draw up your essay’s outline with all the prewriting material at hand. After which, you can begin writing.

Remember, if you’re having no luck in narrowing down your topic, you can always refer to an exemplification essay topics list for ease.

Tips for writing a top-notch exemplification essay

Let’s begin with tips you should keep in mind while narrowing down the topic:

As mentioned earlier, if you pick a topic you’re well-versed in, you’ll have an easier time defending it or going against it because then you’d have the cards in your hand. So pick the one that’s most unique from the rest. It may be the latest technology or archaic history even. But make sure you look up the right source material for it; otherwise, you’ll have to start once more from square one.

Remember the mind-mapping technique you used during prewriting? You can employ the same technique for your main points of the essay, along with their examples. This way, you can have the upper hand on your thoughts and fewer chances of you going off the rails.

Speaking of, if you’re grasping for straws and end up writing whatever came to your mind, you might be leading your reader off the topic entirely. For instance, you’re writing about a particular topic based on sports and start talking about college life, then that won’t make any sense at all.

Study exemplification examples closely. For access to research papers, look up on Google Scholar. You’ll be able to get access to a variety of topics and plenty of examples to learn from. Most importantly, don’t pick a topic that might kill you of boredom. If you lose interest before you even start, it’ll not end well for you or the essay. Exemplification Essay Topics List

We hope we’ve played a hand in answering your question of what is an exemplification essay and here are a few topics that should help you get started.

  1. How has telecommunication played a hand in the economy?
  2. Social media is not for teenagers.
  3. How does being a leader should matter more than being a boss?
  4. Why there was mutiny in the War of Independence 1857?
  5. What effects music can have on your mentality?
  6. Are the Seven Wonders of the World named aptly?
  7. Why your junk food intake may be harmful to you.
  8. Why pride is the worst deadly sin?
  9. Texting and driving is a serious offence.
  10. Climate change is the death of this planet.

The following were somewhat answers to your question of “what is an exemplification essay”


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