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How To Write A Persuasive Essay?

The name suggests that the ultimate purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince and persuade the mind of the reader. However, it is also called argumentative essay because you initiate an argument right from the beginning. While writing an argumentative essay, a writer is bound to build up the most cogent argument possible by giving solid points and supporting evidence. Thus, we can say that we have to precede the argument in a persuasive essay like the lawyers argue their case in the court that is by validating our points with enough supporting evidence.

A well-written persuasive essay always has an outstanding introduction which never allows the reader merely to skim-read it. However, finding persuasive essay topics is more difficult than writing it because you have to select the controversial as well as an interesting topic to grab the attention of the reader. Once you have selected the topic then, you can easily write a persuasive essay by following the guideline discussed in this blog.

Introductory paragraph:

Writing an effective and impactful introduction of a persuasive essay is mandatory for the students because it is the introduction of the essay that determines whether it is a well-written essay or not. However, most of the professional writers encourage giving a start to the introduction with a hook or an attention-grabbing sentence to allow the examiner to read the whole essay with great interest and curiosity. Writing a simple, vague, and ambiguous sentences in a persuasive essay will be easy for you, but it won’t allow you to gain marks in exams. Thus, to make your persuasive essay more effective and efficacious, you should give a perfect start to your essay.

Introductory paragraph includes:

  • Introduction to the topic.
  • Your point of view on the topic.
  • Making it obvious that whether you are against the particular idea or in favor of it.
  • Finally, the end of the introductory paragraph is all about how you make a transition to the body paragraphs

Make Strong Argument:

Right after initiating the argument all your focus should be on generating new ideas to support your point of view on the topic. However, one must do thorough research for building a proper argument because it certainly requires a significant number of ideas, adequate information, and knowledge on the topic. Hence, by completing all the research and collecting enough supporting evidence while researching, you can build a strong argument in the essay which will have a significant impact on the mind of the reader.

Structure of the Conclusion:

Writing a conclusion might be a tricky task because you have to write all the points in a concise and precise manner. However, you can conclude your persuasive essay by rephrasing your thesis statements and also by summarising all the main points that you have discussed. Your concluding paragraph will give the examiner a fair idea of your overall content. Hence, you must craft a well-structured and well-written conclusion of the essay.


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