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How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is written with the objective of convincing the reader to act or agree to a certain point of view. This category of essay writing involves exceptional writing abilities and careful manipulation of words that allow the reader to become entranced in the subject matter being discussed. Essentially, a persuasive essay should be inclusive of factual information and logical arguments that support the point of view being defended by the writer.  A persuasive essay can be written while keeping the following tricks in mind:

  • Choosing a side: The first step of writing a persuasive essay is to understand the topic comprehensively. Once the student understands the topic, they can analyse it and choose the stance which they abide by. However, in case the topic is not provided, the student has the advantage of selecting an issue that is personal to them. As a result, the argument presented will be more emotional, thus resulting in a highly convincing argument.


  • Understanding the audience: As persuasive essays are written for an audience that holds prior knowledge on the content being discussed, it is essential to avoid writing supplementary and unnecessary information. Furthermore, it is crucial to use a formal tone throughout the essay. This suggests that the sentence structure used by the writer should be formal and the overall essay structure should be coherent.


  • Researching the topic: To convince the reader, the student is required to be well-informed about the subject. As a result, before starting the writing process, the writer is required to engage in a thorough investigation of the subject matter. When carrying out the research, it is important to use credible sources such as online journals and textbooks as it is vital only to incorporate authentic facts within the writing. While researching the topic, the student can highlight relevant literature and case studies that can be integrated into the persuasive essay.


  • Providing credibility to the stated argument: In addition to writing formally, students are required to provide support to their statements. To do this, relevant case studies or literature can be included to sustain the writer’s point of view. However, in many cases, students copy the content of the research directly, which results in the detection of plagiarism. To avoid this, the student can insert in-text citations to provide credit to the original authors of the study. The addition of references is also important in case the reader desires to read up on the literature themselves.


  • Eliminating errors: Akin to all academic essays, it is crucial for students to submit the persuasive essay in its finest form. Hence, the student should proofread the content and certify that it is free from spelling, grammatical and structural errors.

As persuasive essays are difficult to write, it is essential for the students to exercise their writing abilities before writing a persuasive essay for their academic courses. In the meantime, students can place an order at online essay writing services, where professional writers can compile exceptionally written persuasive essays, in low, economical prices.


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