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How to Write a Methodology for a Dissertation?

The process of writing a dissertation is a toilsome and throttle experience for the students. They fail to differentiate between the requisites and irrelevant practices which serves them a major downfall of their grade. In this connection, there are a certain set of rules implemented for the creation of different chapters of the dissertation. For instance, an abstract is solely responsible for providing an executive summary of the dissertation product and the literature review section is employed to discuss the past conducted studies. Similarly, the methodology of the dissertation should:

Restate The Research Question:

You should restate the research questions to demonstrate that your dissertation presents the valid answers to the query. However, you should do so in a fashion which does not present the replica of the posed question. Instead, it should bridge the gap between your literature review section and the devised methodology.

Illustrate Your Design Or Procedure:

This is the major requirement of the methodology section where you present your strategy to garner data and also explain the analysis procedure for the attained information. This explanation should be presented in a clear, coherent, and concise manner so that the reader may perceive the context, well presented. Thus, if you are demonstrating a new take on a certain theory, your findings should make sense outside the scope of your dissertation too, i.e. they should apply to other relevant text or problems. Furthermore, if you are discussing a certain experiment, you should equip the readers with all the details so that they can recreate your experiment to gauge its authenticity.

Discuss Your Rationale Choice:

Your methodology section is not restricted to describe your working strategy, but it also discusses reasons such as:

  • Why have you chosen this working methodology?
  • Why do you believe it can effectively answer the dissertation question?
  • Is it more cost effective than the rest of the available procedures or methods?
  • Will it identify potential prospects for the relevant studies?

To answer these questions adequately, you need to infuse some information presented in the literature review section into the methodology chapter. However, you are required to present a detailed explanation regarding the information portrayed prior. For instance, you should emphasize the innovative and cost-effective features of the selected methodology.

State The Limitations:

Naturally, your devised methodology cannot cover all aspects of quality, cheap price solutions etc. thus, you should furnish such shortcomings before your audience with required details. However, you should do so in a fashion which does not register your dissertation among the incomplete ones.

To conclude, it can safely be said that the methodology chapter is a major requirement of a dissertation which serves as a route map to meet the dissertation writing goals. Thus, if you want your dissertation to showcase perfection, devise and write your methodology wisely. Remember, nothing in life comes easy, but with determination and commitment, you can move mountains in your favor.


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