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How To Know If Writing Is Your Thing?

Every individual on Earth has a distinct set of skills which tells us apart from one another. Some people are good at mathematics and can solve the complex sums in a short span of time, while some are good at crafting something beauteous, a piece of astonishing art.

Nevertheless, these traits are not labelled on the forehead of every newborn child and each individual has to examine his strengths himself. However, schooling identifies most of our natural talents but adhering to such abilities and utilising the unique attributes is no cakewalk.

Writing is an intrinsic task plus it requires the writer to possess an artistic nature and immerse fully in the oceans of countless words. Writing is a natural ability and not a skill which can be polished through the span of years. Therefore, you can either be a master of this artistry or a mediocre content producer; there is no in between.

So how would you know if writing is your thing?

Well, some of the factors you can use to gauge your writing proficiency are listed below:

Childhood Obsession:

As a child, if your favourite subject was English or any other language taught at your school, then you are much likely to have the writing x-factor. Recall, if you enjoyed doing homework which involved a lot of writing. In this regard, you can ask yourself the following:

  • Was your score the highest in the literature-related subjects?
  • Did your childhood hobbies revolve around writing?
  • Did you enjoy reading magazines since childhood?
  • Did you ever try to write stage dramas or essays for your school on your own?
  • Did you maintain a diary to express your squiggle thoughts?

If the answers to these questions are in affirmative, writing has always been your thing.

Reading- A Fond Art:

If you are always up to read, you have the writer flame burning inside you. A writer always thrives for ideas or stories that spice things up for his think tank. If you are an avid reader, you may have experienced difficulty leaving the unread content of the book behind. It is not surprising to know that you completed reading all the books in a sitting or two.

Game of Words:

There is a wide array of choices available for the indoor game lovers. However, a person with the writing talent is always drawn to games showcasing the usage of words. If you are one of such people, you may enjoy playing crossword puzzles, scrabble, trivia etc. over monopoly or deck cards. These games also allow the players to build their vocabulary stronger- the vital requirement a writer lusts for.

Imaginative Mind:

The writers are liable to have an active memory and they have the skills to craft life into characters by taking a cue from mere objects. For instance, J. K Rowling fabricated the characters of Harry Potter during her train trip. An idea struck her and she fabricated an entire story out of it.

On such grounds, if you meet any of the characteristics criterion mentioned above, you are a writer without the shadow of a doubt. This trait is very rare and it can come in handy in many academic writing situations, allowing you to save the assignment help price. Therefore, you should treasure this trait and help others that are deficient in this sector. Happy writing!


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