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How to efficiently write a book report

Do you Remember the days, back at school, when you would enjoy book reading sessions conducted by your teacher, and how the excitement would vanish if the teacher asks you to write a comprehensive book report? If the answer is yes, then continue reading. In the next few paragraphs, all your confusions will be cleared.

Let’s break it down. “A book review is an analysis based on the opinion of the reader whereas a book report is nothing but a summary of the very same book.

While following are the techniques one needs to compose a successful book report, several online services such as edubirdie are now available to assist the students in writing book reports for their academic assignments.

So, if you are wondering; how to write a book report? Following are the steps to write it successfully.

  • Read the book: There aren’t many shortcuts when it comes to writing a book report, you have to read the book with great attention. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can attentively read the content without any disturbance or distraction in the surroundings. Read the introduction and by using your imaginative skills, form an image of what the author is trying to convey. Do not try to read the book in a single attempt. Try taking breaks like a tea break or a short walk down the neighborhood.
  • Break it down: Divide the entire book content to be read within a week or a few days. An attempt to read the entire book in a single go may lead to mental clutter which further leads to boredom and frustration, and consequently, the work quality suffers. Do not rely on reports available online instead read the whole book by yourself.
  • Take notes: Make a habit of highlighting all the points that you feel are key to the matter. Doing so will be beneficial in simplifying the book into smaller important fragments. Either mark the points with a highlighter or note them down in a diary. It will help you remember the points which you feel are essential.
  • A rough outline: Now that the points are shortlisted, try summing them up in a paragraph. It gives the writer an idea about how he wishes to structure his report. The outline may change a little as the report progresses.
  • Start Writing: Divide your report into three main parts, e. the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
  • The introduction: The introduction mainly consists of the book title, the name of the author, the time/place of the story and the genre. It also talks about the character around whom the story is revolving. A brief statement which gives a hint about the plot summary is extremely fruitful in keeping the reader interested and wanting to read further.
  • The plot summary: One common mistake that people often make, while composing a book report, is narrating the story as it is. Remember, the purpose behind writing a book report is to summarise the story directly and concisely. It should be written by devising a series of subsequent events. The writer should be creative enough to incorporate the time, place and the characters, as we discussed earlier on, in that series of events. At no point during the report creation, the writer should try to present his personal opinions because then it will not be taken as a report but a book review, which is not the goal The writer should also make sure that the synchronization of the time, place, events and characters is well-presented.
  • Divide the plot: Remember to divide the plot into several paragraphs. Write a separate paragraph of each event that you feel is significant to the story you are trying to summarise.
  • Explain the characters: Explain each character in connection with one another and how they affect the story. For example, in terms of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets by K Rowling; the point where Harry and Ginny encounter Tom Riddle, and he reveals his true identity, try to explain, who Tom Riddle was and what was his connection to Lord Voldemort and how he affected Potter to be the way he was.
  • Conclude the Summary: The final step in sealing the plot summary is to explain how the story reached a decisive conclusion. Keeping Harry potter’s example in mind; explain how Harry Potter managed to slay Lord Voldemort and restored everything to the way, it was.
  • Conclusion: Now that the story has been summarised, write about what you extracted from the book and how you feel about it. Also, would you recommend this book to others or not.
  • Proofread: The final and the most important step is to proofread for any possible errors regarding vocabulary, punctuations, paraphrasing and how factual have you remained throughout the book report. Also get other people to read your book report for a second opinion and if you find any shortcomings, rectify it before the final submission.

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