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How to Easily Create an Appendix for Your College Essay

Essay writing is a hard skill to master when you’re in college. This is because it requires you to learn many things. For example, you need to know about the structure of your essays, formatting, proofreading, and even editing. And that’s only the process. Then there’s all the subject matter you need to write about. And that’s why many students struggle with writing essays. But there is one part most people forget to mention. It’s the appendix!

That’s right! The appendix essay section is a very important part you cannot skip or rush. Unfortunately, most students do. After all, they are too caught up with other parts that appear far more crucial. These include the three main areas, the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

However, we don’t want you to get a poor grade. That’s why we’re focusing on exploring how you can create this section for your essay. But don’t worry! We’ll take it step by step. First, we’ll focus on the main question, “What is an appendix?” Then, we’ll show you how professionals write appendix papers. So, get ready to learn the process with our team and find out how to improve your essay.

What is an Appendix?

The first question for us to answer is, “What is an appendix in essay writing? Or what’s an appendix in a paper? ” That should help you understand the concept while clearing up any confusion. For instance, many students ask, “Is it a separate submission called the appendix paper?” and “Is it necessary to focus on an appendix in writing?”

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry. We understand each one of these questions. And we know it can be a little difficult if the appendix is something new for you. Fortunately, it’s easy to break down and answer, “What is an appendix in research paper? And what are appendices?”

Now, this section of your essay contains supplementary material. This information is something teachers, and professors consider non-essential. But it may be helpful in providing further context to help readers understand the research problems. In addition, it can also contain data that may be too cumbersome to include in the main body paragraphs of the essay. This means it is not a necessary section. However, many teachers recommend including it to add additional value to supporting data. That’s why all students should understand its structure, style, and format. Keep reading to learn more about the process of writing an appendix for your essay.

How to Structure an Appendix

Learning how to structure an appendix is the step every student should take when writing. This will make the essay appendix section much easier to complete. But don’t worry! Fortunately, there isn’t too much to know about an appendix in essay writing. As mentioned above, it is the part that contains additional or supplementary information that you cannot fit into your main body paragraphs. So, you just need to include that. However, there is a clear way to structure your appendix. Here’s what our team recommends:

An appendix in essay writing is something we usually structure in a paragraph style. But it should incorporate the following parts.

  • Supporting evidence
  • Specialised data or contributory facts
  • Sample calculations
  • Technical figures, tables, graphs, statistics
  • Detailed descriptions of research instruments
  • Maps, photographs, charts, drawings
  • Emails, letters, and other copies of correspondence
  • Survey instruments/questionnaires, with the results appearing in the text
  • Complete transcripts of interviews
  • Complete field notes from observations
  • Specification or data sheets

Students should label each of these visual sections, like figures and tables, with letters of the corresponding appendix. Then, follow with a number to indicate the order of its appearance. This is the basic structure. So, try to include these elements when you compile this section.

How to Format an Appendix

The format is something many students struggle to understand and complete. As a result, most tend to give up while writing one. But our essay writers say you shouldn’t worry when you have an essay to complete. After all, formatting isn’t hard! You just need to know what to do. So, where do you start?

The first thing to do is ask the most basic questions. For instance, what does an appendix look like in a paper? Or what is an example of appendix format? This will help you narrow down what you need to do. Our team suggests some general guidelines below for when you sit down to format. But be sure to focus on the specific style guides as well.

  • Appendices can precede or follow the list of references you include in your essay
  • Each sub-section should be on a new page
  • The order of presentation should follow the order you mention in the text of your essay
  • The heading should be simple, containing the word “Appendix,” followed by the number or letter in bold
  • Students should always list appendices in the table of contents
  • The page number of the appendices will continue with the existing numbering of your essay

How to Write an Appendix in Different Styles

Every paper follows a specific style of formatting, which you should use for this section. These include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver referencing. But the general idea is to include traditional paragraphs and incorporate elements such as text, figures, equations, tables, and footnotes. However, there are several differences under each style that students should note. That’s why we have style guidelines for appendix writing.

So, check the example of appendix formats below while writing the essay appendix section of your essay.

1.      APA

The first style we will follow is the APA style. And this abbreviation stands for the American Psychological Association, which has specific format guidelines. The first thing to note is students will have to place their appendices at the end of their paper after the reference list. Now, the rules for appendix APA formatting are unique in their own way. Check them below:

The label appears at the top centre of the page in bold lettering. In the next line, students need to include a descriptive title. This will also be in bold lettering. The APA style follows left-aligned, double-spaced text with page numbers at the top in the right corner. However, students should note that each sub-section needs to start on a new page.

2.      MLA

The next style we should discuss is the MLA style. And this abbreviation stands for the Modern Language Association method. It is like the APA style. However, there is one notable change. The appendices appear before the cited works or references. This style requires students to follow similar rules across the board. Follow the guide below for the rules for appendix MLA style:

The label appears at the top. But it requires students to categorise them by letter. For example, “Appendix A, Appendix B.” Each one will begin on a new page. However, the appendices will always appear in the order you mention them in your essay.

3.      Chicago

The Chicago style of appendix differs in structure and format from the APA and MLA style. It appears in the fields of history and social sciences. But you don’t need to worry because we will help you with a quick guide and a set of rules for appendix Chicago. Check the relevant information below to learn more about this style:

The Chicago formatting style generally follows a one-inch margin on the sides, top, and bottom. It uses Times or Times New Roma as the font in a 12pt size. But students should remember to double-space the text. Their appendices will always appear before the bibliography. However, they should follow the same naming conventions as MLA and APA.

4.      Harvard

Then we have the Harvard style. Again, it is a very simple format to include in your text. Students just need to signpost it, for example, “It is evident (Appendix 1) that…”

Other rules for appendix Harvard style include placing it in the citation section of your text. But students should add the references to the reference list.

5.      Vancouver Referencing

The final style is Vancouver Referencing. This is very basic in terms of reference lists and appendices. All students need to do is ensure the lists are in numerical order while matching the corresponding number to the one in the text. The appendix does not need to be referenced.

Appendix Writing Tips & Examples of Appendix

Here are a few additional steps by our English essay writer service to help you understand what goes in this section.

  • Appendices should start by highlighting the heading. Simply use the word “Appendix,” followed by letters A, B, or C
  • Add every item in the order in which information appears throughout the essay
  • Include this section before or after references depending on the style
  • Make sure to number the pages according to the style
  • Ensure you follow the correct spacing for paragraphs. This can vary depending on the style. However, the most common is to double-space
  • If you have only one Appendix, name it “Appendix.” Do not include any lettering or numbers
  • If there are over 26 appendices, please use “AA, BB, CC” as the naming convention
  • Citation is necessary for all external appendices you use in your essay
  • Always write the headings in bold font
  • Only include information you reference in your text


Here is an appendix in essay example:

Appendix A

The Most Popular Dutch Cybersecurity Methods in 2021

Considering the increase in the number of cyber-attacks and the usage of the “man-in-the-middle” method for the detection of common threats, more than 70,000 professionals have been asked to participate in the listing of several common cybersecurity techniques in the Netherlands that have proved vital. The most popular of these methods include real-time detection, heuristic analysis, installation of firewalls, hardware acceleration solutions, and corporate security methods.

The professionals of Delft University have mentioned the various pros and cons of the cloud services hosted within the Netherlands as a way of examining how even international techniques can be helpful for future implementation.

It has posed an important question in relation to current global security threats and the unification of the most common methods.

Here’s an appendix in a report example:

Appendix A is the Appendix Label. The Most Popular Dutch Cybersecurity Methods in 2021 – the Appendix Title. The first Paragraph has no indent. It is flushed left. All the following paragraphs have an indent. They are formatted as usual.


Who Can Write an Appendix for Me?

Compiling appendices for your college essay can be hard. So, if you need help, you’ve come to the right place. Our team covers several parts of essay writing, including this section. So, all you need is to visit our page, hit the order now button, and let our writers know you need help. Then, we’ll write for you while ensuring your work reflects the correct style and format.

Can Your Team Give Me Sample Appendices?

Many students require help with their appendices. So, our answer is yes! We have essay examples that contain appendices for students who wish to learn with examples. These are written by professionals who understand the importance and styles you require for A+ grades. So, just head to our site and click on the samples option to begin. Or contact our team directly to work with our writers and their sample writing.

Is It Necessary to Include the Appendix?

This section is not typically necessary for students to include while writing their essays. However, they do play an important role thanks to the supplementary material they contain. Most essays will benefit from including them because they add additional value and research for readers to analyze. This is strictly information that doesn’t fit into the main body paragraphs but still supports the arguments and claims you make. So, you can try to include one if you want to add a little extra to your work. However, just ensure to follow your teacher’s guidelines before you include one.

What Should I Add in the Appendix?

This is a very simple section of an essay. It includes any additional data or supplementary material that can add value to the work. This can be visual elements like tables, or it can include numbers and statistics.

Students should follow the typical style of writing when including an appendix. These styles include MLA, APA, Chicago, Vancouver referencing and Harvard style.


That’s all you should know about including an appendix in your essay. So, you should know the answer to “What is appendix in essay writing? What is an appendix in a paper? And what is an appendix in a report?” Be sure to use our tips above while writing to ensure you score an A+ grade. Each of the appendices will be different depending on style and format. But always be sure to check your teacher’s requirements before you add one, as they’re not always necessary with essays.

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