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How To Deal With Criticism Put Forward By Your Professor?

It is quite possible for a professor to not be satisfied with the content you submit to them, it is an inevitable phenomenon which circulates the academic sphere of a student. As they tend to write multiple essays on a regular basis, thus overtime their ideas becomes a deficit of creativeness and novelty, causing the readability and the quality of the content to diminish and get blurred due to the fragmented concept placement, hurried sentence structures and overstuffing of jargons. Nevertheless, the core notion behind listening to ‘feedback’ is to improve, better and amend what can be fixed. It isn’t an easy task for many, it is a bitter pill to swallow, as it requires the student to introspect, an activity which most students prefer to avoid at all costs. However, through this strenuous process, students will be able to ameliorate their abilities to a capacity not possible prior to this self-analysis and reflection. Be that as it may, students are sometimes robbed and depleted from their creative juices, and therefore they cannot conjure a narrative that can stand out and glean the attention of the reader, with utter ease and finesse. Therefore, in such situations, when students tend to grapple with the task of writing an essay introduction, then they should contact an essay writing service. As these services are equipped with academic writers who have profound knowledge about various subjects matters, have a prolific career in academic writing and possess skills that have been polished and refined to perfection, as a result of operating in this industry for the past decade.

Anyhow, students should learn the art of placing paramount importance on learning how to acquire bits and pieces of tips and tricks from their professor, which can help them in elevating their content quality.


Most students tend to take the easy route out, which is to not show up at all. However, this isn’t a very wise idea, as you miss out on very important pointers that can add to your academic performance but you can also paint a very ignorant and careless image of yourself in the eyes of the professor. Hence, when summoned by your professor, make it a point to make a note or a reminder, and then land up in the professor’s office at the rightful time.


Certain individuals are quick to defend themselves, they tend to become negative, defensive and sometimes curt. Nonetheless, this isn’t the route to take, as it prevents your professor from providing their critique, which in the long-run will cause impairments in your academia. This criticism is constructive, as opposed to being destructive, thus it should be taken in stride.


Everyone lacks somewhere or the other, hence rather than overinflating your ego what is essential is to learn from the critique presented by your professor. You should ask pertinent questions, as this aids you to understand where exactly have you gone wrong. You should make a list of the mistakes you have made, as it helps you keep a check on it.

Thank Your Professor:

Your professor is providing their criticism not to shoot down your energy and motivation level, instead, they do it to provide you with an impetus to improve. Hence, you must thank your professor before you leave, this also helps build a resourceful relationship.

Gauge Your Performance:

After your session with your professor, make it a point to employ the needed techniques in order to better your mistakes. A proactive approach towards amending your mistakes, will, in the long run, enrich your academic performance.

For most individuals listening to criticism is an event they would avoid at all costs, however, if students understood the value behind this feedback, they would then be ever ready to take advantage of this criticism.


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