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How To Complete Your Essay Ahead Of Deadline

When being told the deadline of the essay, most students take it lightly and think they have plenty of time to handle the job. When they have a few days remaining, that’s when they take out their books, only to realise there is much to be done but not enough time left. 

The students start to get into a state of panic and tension. At this moment, all they can pray for is just somehow to get it done regardless of the quality of work.

These essays are graded as part of your coursework. They combine to form your overall grades, which will decide if you should be promoted to the next grade or not. For that reason, it is imperative that students not only perform their best but also make sure to submit the essay as per the due date.   

Your aim should be to complete your essay well before the deadline. You will save yourself from all that unnecessary stress and feel relaxed knowing that you have done your best. These tips should help you understand how you can complete your essay ahead of the deadline.       

Before you start, make sure everything you need is with you

Most students make the big mistake of starting on their essay without taking care of the necessary preparations. You cannot expect yourself just to start typing the essay without keeping all your things with you. You won’t even get past the first paragraph if your notes, reference materials, and teacher’s guidelines are not there.    

Once you realise the importance of your stuff, you will be spending your precious time looking for the things you need. If you are not able to find your notebook or the instructions given by your teacher, you will end up spending a good amount of time and effort looking around. This will only end up making you lose your train of thought. Now, you will have to get back into your momentum and start all over.    

Make sure that when you sit down to work, you place your notebook, stationery, textbooks, with you before you begin your essay.  

Use your time wisely

You know exactly how many days you have before you need to submit your work. Accordingly, you have to manage and use that time to the fullest. You should start working on the essay at your earliest, so you have a margin to fall back on in case things don’t work according to plan.

Planning goes a long way in helping you keep a check. You must make a schedule on how you intend to finish your essay beforehand. While drafting your plan, be sure to include all the tasks that you have to manage along with your essay. This will help you make a practical schedule that you can actually follow. After you have drafted the timetable, you have to see that you follow it. Otherwise, there is no point in you forming your schedule.

Your agenda for the day will keep you on your toes and not allow you to procrastinate. If you stay true to your planning, you will have no trouble finishing the essay before the actual due date.     

Dive your tasks into chunks

If you are planning to get your essay done in one sitting, you may want to take a different approach. Writing an essay entails deciding the topic, researching in-depth, making the first draft, revising, editing, writing the final essay and proofreading so, if you think that you can handle all this in one go, hats off to you.

However, most students will barely get past the first step. They find themselves tired, exhausted, and unmotivated to move on. This is the beauty of starting early. You know you have time to spare and can afford to do your work at different intervals. You will find this much effective in getting your work done faster.

Give some thought to your topic

Some teachers allow their students the option to decide their own topic for the essay. This gives the students all the freedom in the world to pick what they would like to write on. However, you must remember that you can’t just choose some random topic and start writing your essay.

You have to put some thought into it and do preliminary research. It is better to start the right way than to realise halfway into writing the essay that you don’t have enough material to meet the word count.

You may think that your time is being wasted and should just select one so you can start working on it. However, go through various topics and do some basic research first. It will be time well-spent.           

Get your research out of the way  

Every type of essay entails the student to spend hours going through reference books and digging through various websites. If you do not gather enough data from the start, there will come the point when you will be stuck and not know how to go on with your essay.      

Half the work of writing an essay is gathering the material. Once you have found the information and started, you will find the essay writing easy. The task that you thought to be momentous will turn out to be a piece of cake for you because you took the trouble to do your research first.

Seek professional help if needed

When you feel that you may not be able to complete the work by the deadline, you should consider getting some help. Essay writing companies are a valuable resource for students who feel that they require guidance in their work. If you are the kind of student, who feels comfortable knowing that the essay is ready for submission before the deadline, hire an experienced writer for your work. Since they have been doing this type of work for a long time, you can expect to receive a flawless and timely essay.  


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