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How to Combat Coronavirus Anxiety and Stress

Covid-19 pandemic is causing schools, colleges and offices to close. People around the world are hoarding supplies, emptying grocery shelves in case of a possible self-quarantine situation. Your childhood actor Tom Hanks has recently tested positive for Coronavirus, and the class of 2020 is already stressed about how they are going to graduate this year.

While some people may be more vulnerable to the virus than others, none of us is immune to the anxiety and stress that has shaken the entire world. Especially, students who have been restricted to the boundaries of their homes. Their social life is already halted, and they have no choice but to isolate their selves to prevent the virus.

Fear, anxiety and stress are entirely natural emotions to experience during such health crises, but don’t let this Coronavirus fear to overwhelm or consume your life. Here are some of the professional tips that can help you combat Coronavirus-related stress and anxiety.

Accept that it is normal to feel stressed and scared

You know that elders and those with the weak immune system are the most susceptible to becoming severely ill with the Coronavirus. And you’re worried about your parents who are over 60 and are not taking necessary precautions from the virus.

Well, let us tell you one thing! It is fine to be scared and feel, doomed during the outbreak.

“Fear and uncertainty are the hallmark response to things that people don’t understand and that they feel threatens their safety and the safety of their loved ones,” Joshua Morganstein, Chair of the American Psychiatric Association’s Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters discusses with CNBC.

Accept your emotions and don’t be hard on you. It’s completely normal to experience such emotions amid global health crises. Keep your worries at bay as this is going to end soon. All you have to do is to look for your loved ones and extend your support to them.

Don’t isolate yourself

As schools and colleges have been closed to contain the virus spread, we are being advised to embrace social isolation. Yes, we know that isolation and maintaining social distance is the need of the hour, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t connect your loved ones through the phone. Get in touch with your college buddies over a conference video call or Skype.

A good chat with your friends over phone or texting will help you to distract your attention and eases your stress. It is really helpful to feel the strength of your loved ones and friends, even though you are not with them in person. There’s no harm in arranging virtual pizza parties and share a glass of vine on Skype or Zoom to avoid prolonged isolation.

Feed on the information from only credible media sources

There is a chaos of false news and misconceptions related to the virus, which is all to create panic. There is a fine line between getting overwhelmed by the news and staying informed. As schools and colleges are closed, most of the students spend much of their time scrolling and surfing through social media. Keep in mind! Not every piece of information and news on social media is authentic!

Some might be vague or even sensationalised to create the panic. Stick with only credible media sources so that you can avoid misinformation about the virus and its symptoms.

Studies have proved that in any situation of crises or natural disasters, excessive media exposure can often lead people to a distressing state. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid watching the news but limiting the media consumption and information related to the crises. Keep track of the latest updates and development on Covid-19 from the sources like the WHO and Centres for Disease control.

Manage your routine

Take these holidays as an opportunity to get more productive. Grab some books to read or start working on that novel you halted writing due to lack of time. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get productive and distract yourself from stress. You know Isaac Newton also had to work from home during the Great Plague.

He wasn’t a “sir” back then, nor even had that big formal wig. With schools and colleges closed, he didn’t turn back on learning and thrived. The years he spent in isolation were the most productive years of his entire life and later termed as annus mirabilis, the “year of wonders”. So, don’t be stressed out about studying from home just remember the example set by the Newton. Perhaps, there is another Newton in the making somewhere in the affected areas.

Set up a routine for yourself like give proper time to online classes, Netflix, movies and home-based activities. You need to adhere to healthy guidelines like exercising and avoid eating junk food.

Indulge in mindfulness activities and do yoga

Are you not a yoga person? Well, there is no need to try now unless you are not completely willing. Sometimes trying new things can help you deviate from stress and welcome healthy distractions. Yoga will help you freshen up your soul that eventually relieve the stress.

Being unaware of what your future holds is the main reason why people get anxious about Coronavirus pandemic; thus, stay in the present instead. The best approach is to meditate and indulge in mindfulness activities. Focusing on your internal emotions and feelings through meditation will help you escape from anxiety.

Thinking that it is the end of the world and we are all going to die or perceiving Coronavirus as nothing but a hoax, gives your brain no break to relax! Currently, the situation is worst yet not so bad to start impacting our mental health for no reason. All you need is just wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

Once the vaccine for the virus is tested and provided, all will get back to normal, and you will be graduated on time for sure! Follow the above-mentioned tips and keep all your worries at bay.

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