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How to Ace Writing Controversial Research Paper Topics

College life prepares you in different aspects. Given that you’re to step into the real world next, you have to get the hang of multiple things. One such aspect is that of essay writing or even debating. Both allow you to hone your critical thinking and conversational skills on any topic. Whether it be the seasonal cricket matches or the current affairs, you should be able to tackle any topic with ease; however, in order to do that, you require practice which means you should take baby steps at least until you’re fully prepared to tackle a controversial research topic.

In college, if you are given the choice of picking out your own topic for an essay, you are likely to go for the one that’s the easiest. But it’s not like you can avoid the most difficult or controversial topics by just staying away from them. Eventually, one day you will have to work on them, and then you would likely wish you had opted to write something similar before because that practice would have likely paid off now. But in case you didn’t, don’t wallow in despair. Instead, allow us to guide you on how to navigate through uncharted waters with ease.

What are controversial topics?

Instead of diving into controversial research topics blindly, it would be best if you first understood the point and need of such topics. These topics allow you to address issues that would otherwise not be talked about because either someone may get offended or you might end up saying the wrong thing. However, that doesn’t mean such topics should be brushed under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist. For instance, the legalization of marijuana or the enforcement of gun control. These are a few of the moral controversial topics that must be addressed.

If you’ve written argumentative essays in the past, they’re likely to help you while dealing with a controversial topic. Because both involve presenting a clear and definite stance which becomes the basis of your write-up. Not only that, it helps in sharpening your debate skills so that you can actively participate in a various array of topics ranging from political controversies to social work. So instead of being raw and emotional, you need to be cold, methodological and clear-headed to talk about any issue. 

If you’re an extrovert, chances are you would be pretty good at public speaking and thus debates. However, whether you can replicate your arguments and stance on paper is a whole different story.

Addressing controversial topics

Perhaps, you might still not see the point of addressing controversies when they only seem to invite more trouble onto your plate. But the thing is, if schools start mentally preparing students to be able to talk about controversial topics in a peaceful manner and hear each other out. Because if students are taught to talk about such issues early on, they’re likely to be a valuable asset for the country in the future. Now, you may be baffled as to how on earth that would be possible? So allow us to give you hindsight.

When you make your school’s atmosphere safe where students can engage in any sort of debate and talk it out in a respectable manner, you’re encouraging them to be mature. Instead of opting for brutality, schools ought to teach students the virtue of patience, the importance of human rights and how to make use of their freedom of expression without maligning anyone else.

In a survey, more than 71% of the teachers agreed that schools should teach students how they can express their views openly even if they might be controversial. The idea is to address topics like abortion or euthanasia instead of treating them like a taboo and ignoring them altogether.

List of Controversial Research 

Here is a list of controversial research listed below:

  1. Video games are corrupting the youth.
  2. How being a vegetarian plays a part in the ecosystem
  3. How anti-vaxxers’ stance affects the society
  4. Alcohol consumption leads to domestic violence
  5. Is co-parenting harmful for your child?
  6. What are the side effects of childhood traumas?
  7. How much screen-time should be allotted to children
  8. The ugly truth about fast fashion
  9. Will global warming destroy the world in a decade
  10. How to curtail issues like obesity and diabetes
  11. The increasing use of the substance on school grounds
  12. World hunger and poverty needs to be put an end to

Examples of a controversial research topic

Here are a few examples of controversial research paper topics on how to tackle controversial topics like a pro.

Religious Freedom:

The right to practice any religion regardless of the country you’re in is something most countries around the globe allow. However, even in the 21st century, there are places where the said right is only fictional and not followed through and through at all. Instead, extremism replaces religious freedom. Despite the First Amendment, there’s no denying that America at times has been partial when it comes to finding leaders that will wholeheartedly serve the nation based on their religion. When you point out that religious freedom doesn’t translate to hiring people on biasness other people often find it offensive. 

The theory of Evolution:

Charles Darwin took the world by storm when he declared that humans have evolved from primates. There are mainly two reactions to it, Americans either ponder over the possibility of it, or they feel rather repulsed and borderline offensive. The wedge, in theory, results from the religious conflict that God created human beings. Thus begins the eternal debate and the clash of science vs. religion. Can you believe the opposition to be so overwhelming to the point that the chapter of evolution at times gets omitted at various schools?

Black Lives Matter:

Black Lives Matter is a political movement that started to put an end to police brutality against Black people. Over the last year, the movement had taken hold when a series of cases came into light resulting in public anguish and countrywide demonstrations. People are enraged that such police officers get away with killing a Black person in broad daylight and pay no repercussions whatsoever. Advocates are outraged that a country that talks so much about freedom barely practices any of it regarding the Black community. It has also sparked debates over white supremacy.

Cancel Culture:

It has become easier for people to call out on other individuals for their actions or even over something they said on a controversial topic with social media. It has resulted in the boycott of celebrities, influential people, companies and even politicians. People seem to be in full swing to utilize their freedom of speech. Hence, numerous hashtags across social media platforms have called out on sexual abuse, racist jokes, and rape. For instance, the #MeToo Movement was started to empower the said victimized women. Cancel culture has been since utilized for historical inequality and to hold people accountable for their unjust actions.

Privacy Rights:

Among the many rights secured by America for its citizen, one happens to be the right to privacy. But as of late, it has given them plenty of reasons to doubt that their privacy has been violated. The US government decided to extend its mass surveillance under the pretense of national security. However, many people believe it’s a ruse. They feel threatened even further when they come to know that private enterprises like that of Google and Facebook have been collecting data, and the government could possibly be buying it from them. Sure, it might be a conspiracy theory and such. However, the shadow of doubt cast keeps growing bigger, which is worrisome.

Controversial topics 2021

Some of the controversial topics 2021 are listed below:

  1. Animal testing should be banned
  2. The use of plastic is endangering marine life
  3. Net neutrality needs to be restored
  4. End student loan debts
  5. Universal healthcare is a basic right
  6. Capital punishment is justified

How to Choose Controversial Topics

Deciding on a controversial topic can be quite a dilemma. It doesn’t help when you have to deal with the fact that there’s a lot riding on it. If you lose interest or can’t think of anything to write, it can have disastrous results. So, it’s likely that even after coming up with a list of controversial research, you might still feel lost. But you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s why we’re going to share a few tactics that can help you get on track and be done with this controversial essay thingy as soon as possible.

Look for inspiration

Like any other essay, pick a topic that you know about beforehand or conduct thorough research to know the topic like the back of your hand. It’ll immensely help and you won’t feel lost when you’d be writing about it. Furthermore, if you can somehow manage to make it more relatable and include another controversial research paper example, you’d probably get a bonus mark or two. Other than that, don’t opt for a topic you don’t feel strongly about; otherwise, you might not be able to do justice to the said topic.

Narrow it down

The more time you spend deciding a topic, the more agitated you will feel when you’ve narrowed it down. So, start off by writing down as many topics as you can think of. Then shortlist them on the basis of knowledge that you possess. When you’re down to five to six topics, then cut them down on the basis of being controversial topics for college students. In the end, you’ll be left with a few, and it’s up to you which topic you feel most familiarized with to work on. If not, you can also classify them on the basis of categories like entertainment, education or technology.

Display both sides of the coin

When you’re working on a controversial research topic, you have to weigh in from all sides and aspects to ensure that you provide your audience with complete information. It should consist of counter-arguments to your points and make up for any associated inconsistencies. Most controversial history topics require a lot of material, so you’ll have to put in extra effort on your end in order to make it a spectacular one. For example, if you’re talking about the Palestine-Israel issue, cover the entire story from A to Z. Include facts and figures to prove your point as well. 

Writing a controversial research paper

Once you’ve picked a hot topic to write on, the rest should be smooth sailing as you’ve gotten past the most difficult part, so pat yourself on the back for getting done with the most crucial step. Now following any essay pattern, you should be able to turn in a research paper that would be quality work. Keep in mind that your research paper is going to be used by other people, so avoid being biased. Also, any essay writing service UK would tell you to get it to proofread from a trustworthy friend.

Tips for controversial research paper idea topics

Below listed are a few tips for controversial research paper idea topics:

Know the goal

It is likely that people will already possess a certain opinion about the topic you’ve written about, so make sure to handle this situation in such a way that at the end of the day, the reader manages to take away a few key points from your write-up.

Stick to the truth

You have to make sure that you don’t deviate from stating facts and start threading a story of your own. After all, it’s your own credibility and reputation on the line. Hence, fact-check all your points before penning them down.

Avoid clichés

Nobody’s really fond of clichés. If a controversial topic has been covered, don’t stay focused on it. Explore other options that no one else has paid attention to. Draw up your own specific writing process and avoid following the existing most controversial topics.


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