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How Has Technology Changed The Face Of Education?

Over the past twenty years, the dynamic shift has transformed our lives by dramatically changing our work-ethics is every sphere of life. Living in this era, we cannot escape the purview of technology because we are utterly dependent upon it. For our every single substantial or insignificant need. However, even the education cannot escape from the dynamic shift that has occurred in the world due to technological advancement. Because its advent has led to an emergence of increased student access to education. And also distance education which has changed the overall process of education in a great way. Not only on websites, one of the most popular ways of online education is to upload video on YouTube. Boost it with real views from trusted social media company and help for interested people being educated in what they prefer.

The fastest-growing and irretrievable trends of technology have brought evident changes in the educational stratosphere. Now students are completely dependent on the high-tech educational tools for improving their academic performance. Whether they have to write an essay introduction or prepare a complete essay. They look up to the online apps and forums to deal with their academic work of any complexity. The rise of online learning has brought the change in every basic as well as the advanced process of education. The most profound changes that technology has carried out in the world of education are mentioned below.

Increased Accessibility:

The accessibility to books and archives on every subject is the most evident. And the significant change occurred in the world of education. In the past, books were limited to personal and public libraries. But the increased trend of online learning has provided access to all the books on every subject. Now, we don’t have to invest money in buying the expensive course books. Because we can rely on online books and researched content for performing well with regards to our academia.

Provided Flexibility:

Making charts and timelines or completing research is an inevitable part of every academic program. In the past, students were forced to learn different complex books to keep track of their subject. But now, the availability of online apps and other educational tools has changed the dynamics of research and learning. Interestingly, now students can conduct the process of research by browsing as well as by reading the already researched material related to their subject. Hence, we can conclude that the technological transformation has changed every single facet of education.

Increased Interaction and Communication:

We might think that what interaction and communication have to do with education? Little did we know! That improved communication because of technology has brought significant changes in the educational sphere. Now, neither teachers have to rely on formal seminars nor actual meetings to interact with students nor students have to depend on the class lectures for achieving high grades in exams. Hence, we can say that technology has provided a means of communication to the students for staying in touch with the professionals and experts.

Thus, we can conclude that technology has an impact on every aspect of our life. It has changed education in multiple ways and provided ease and convenience to students by enhancing and augmenting the overall process of learning and teaching.


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