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Everyone Tells You To Persevere With Writing, But When Will You Know If You Aren’t A Good Enough Writer

Everyone Tells You To Persevere With Writing, But When Will You Know If You Aren’t A Good Enough Writer?

When it comes to academic writing, you will discover that everyone is absolutely chock full of good advice. Remember that ice cream shop you sat outside last summer while you ate ice creams and wrote countless essays, both at the same time? Well then, you should also remember how that shop owner was so very confident that you would be able to write the best essays around. All he advised you to do was make sure that you never give up: that you stick to writing essays, and even if the first few do not turn out all that great, to never worry… you’ll get there in the end. Wake up. Stop reminiscing. This is the real world and you should certainly try and stay a part of it at all times.


Becoming A Good Writer

In LaLa Land, ‘everyone tells you to persevere with writing, but when will you know if you aren’t a good enough writer?’ You need to realize straight off whether or not you can write essays, and once you have actually faced up to the actual truth regarding your essay writing skills, it is time to take action. This is the part where you get to realize that you are not a good essay writer, and practicing writing essays only when one of your professors sets you a task to complete, is really not going to help out much. What you need to do, if you actually wish to write great essays eventually, is learn how to write an essay. Here are some basic tips that can help:


  • Choose A Topic

In most cases, teachers allow students to pick out their own topic from a list that has been provided to them. Instances where the teacher will have chosen a topic for the students are very rare. You should also be able to thoroughly understand the topic before you start writing about it.


  • Outline Preparation

Once you have chosen a topic, begin brainstorming for ideas that you could use to write about. These ideas should eventually be placed in an outline that sets up the basic idea of the essay you will be writing.


  • The Thesis Statement

No essay is complete without a thesis statement and this is actually one of the most important parts of the essay that you will be writing. Write out a thesis statement that talks about the main reason why you are writing this essay and then polish it up to get a sharp, concise thesis statement.


  • The Essay Body

Get together the main points that you will be talking about in your essay. Now begin brainstorming on how these points could be divided up into smaller subpoints and finer details. Once you have that in place, begin to explore the subpoints also elaborating on your ideas to get a well thought out body for your essay.


  • The Introduction

While the introduction is supposed to open the essay, it is generally a good idea to write the introduction after you have worked on the body of the essay. That is because it allows you to understand the topic more thoroughly. That eventually means you can write an introduction that reads much better also. Make sure the introduction is interesting, explanatory and relevant to the topic.


  • The Conclusion

Sum up all the points you have talked about in the body of your essay, talking about your learning experience gained from writing this particular piece. Also, mention any future relevant research that could be done in this area.


  • Perfecting The Essay

Finally, proofread and prune this essay to make it stand out. Make sure that you remove all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors and that your essay is interesting and relevant to read also.


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