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How to Write a Good Essay?

Learning to write an essay is an important development of communicative ability function. In the following article we give you some tips that may be useful to work in your classes. Read them and encourage your students to “test”.

To write an essay is important have a few things clear before. However it is recommended not expect everything to be clear to start writing. Reasons? Usually own writing exercise turns out to be remarkably enlightening. Therefore, I should not defer too. In fact, it is good that these “first steps” that we’re going to talk now be realized through notes, preparatory notes and collection of material will then be deemed useful. The problem statement is always concrete in the formulation of a question: Identify the question and determine what kind of question is essential to know if the problem is well posed and what kind of response is expected.

• The first is to look at the type of question. To help it interrogative pronouns and turns. So when someone asks what is that? He is asking a set of identifying signals that thing, which can be neatly incorporated in a definition, a description, an account of the generation of the thing, etc. When asked how such a thing is done? (Whether manufacturing, action, knowledge, understanding, etc.) Are asking directions to reach the target.

• The second is to recognize the subject. Here we are making a distinction between subject and problem, which is often not transparent to the student. We can explain then that the issue is that of which the question is, its matter. The problem, however, is the conflict of opinions that arises on that topic. For example, a subject may be human freedom, and a problem concerning him. The question of whether it can be considered human being free to define their behavior, or if it is determined by factors other than their own will.

• The third is to identify and formulate the problem. Because on the same topic often have different views. Discriminate what those views are, and relate them in tension with each other. Find out what they oppose or contradict, the strategy is to pose a problem or a text comment . This will be the heart of a good essay.

• The fourth is to make sure you have understood and made good. The terms in which the issue is expressed and formulated the problem. To do this you can use various tools: drawing up lists of related terms, discern their meanings, classify, identify opposites, consult dictionaries (general or specialized), review formulations which relate to preside over the examination, find or imagine examples theme raised, etc. This is important to remember that none of these resources can replace own reflexive exercise, which is precisely the test substance. In any case, the clarity of the terms is crucial to ensure coherence, consistency and relevance of what you proposed in your essay.

A key point to work developing a good rehearsal with students is developing a plan that aims to clear (conceptual and linguistic accuracy) the plot coherence. The relevance of the examples and counterexamples. Also, as you know, the plan of a trial should consider an introduction (in which the problem arises, and its importance or interest, and briefly anticipates the view to be taken for examination), development and conclusion staff. But in particular, to make a good essay must be made to draft and have some style considerations … But the most important thing is to test, test, smudge and try again. And that’s something that’s good that they transmit to your students.

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