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Essay Introduction Grabbers – What Are Your Choices?

What do you look in an essay? Quality enriched text, thought-provoking ideas or perfectly presented examples? Whatever clicks you, you read one thing at first- the essay introduction.

Have you ever encountered a situation where the introduction of the essay was so off-putting that you didn’t go through the rest of the essay? Conversely, did you read an introductory paragraph that was so well-written and had all the right elements to grab your attention?

Well, you can tell the difference yourself between the two essays based on the reflection of your past experiences. Of course, you want to include yourself in the second kind whose introductory paragraph made you spellbind. To master this art of artistry. You need to know and understand what your options are plus. How you can infuse the particular hook in your essay.

There are numerous ways you can include the essay attention grabbers in your essay; the most used ones are listed below:

Ask a Question:

You can start your opening sentence with an intriguing question that can capture your audience’s attention right from the very start of the essay. Think about the topics that lie in the area of public interest and fabricate your sentence that is unique yet appealing to read.

Tell a Joke:

Who doesn’t enjoy good humour? Especially if your audience is well educated. You can include a joke as a hook element in the opening sentence of your essay. Not only a joke has a potential to grasp the concentration of the readers. But it can also keep them committed to the process of reading. An intellectual joke may convey a concept in a much better way than mere words. So it is a good option for an essay introduction grabber.

Quote a Saying:

If you are an avid reader, you may have come across words of wisdom that are inspiring enough to be used as an opening sentence. These quotations may also inspire your readers to new heights that may urge them to continue reading further without any ado. This may also stimulate your audience to develop an interest in your topic subject because after all, who does not relish words of inspiration.

Narrate a Story:

Remember the time when the opening sentence “Once Upon a Time…” embedded happiness and zeal in your soul. Well, much has not changed since and you can utilise the same principle in the first sentence of your essay. Generally speaking, the readers are interested in reading a story rather than some boring words. Therefore, provide them with the same with a good moral lesson.

Include a Fact:

You can include the statistics of certain facts and infuse this information in your essay. To give your readers a deep insight into the topic subject. However, ensure that the structure of your essay doesn’t sound too robotic that may kill the purpose of the hook element. You should bring your writing skills to full usage and convey. This fact to your reading audience in an interesting yet thought-provoking way.

Everyone enjoys an essay that showcases quality text that is not only well-fabricated but also well-presented. Therefore, if you want your essay writing to be perceived and appreciated. Use these hook elements to attract the audience to a greater extent. Remember, this adroitness doesn’t come overnight, and you have to spend ample amount of time practising the basics of these engaging elements. Nevertheless, nothing in this world is impossible if you set your mind to achieve it thus grab your writing device now and start writing impactful opening sentences for your future essay writings. Good luck and happy writing!


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