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Eleven Common Problems Faced By Every College Student

Once a student graduates from high school and enters college, they are full of excitement and eagerness. Having heard so much about the thrilling experiences that college life has to offer, these new students can’t wait to start their adventure. However, they soon come to realise that college is not just about staying up late with friends and partying all night. Their professors have a lot of expectations from them and so, they give them an intense workload to manage.

Problems facing by College Student

Studies are not just the only difficulty a college student has to deal with. There is a lot more to it. If you are starting college, here are some of the difficulties you may have to face.

Paying the tuition fee

Most colleges charge an arm and a leg for their tuition fee. Although many families start saving for their children’s college education, it is still not enough to cover the entire tuition. Students are also required to pitch in and contribute as much as they can. For that, they have to take up a part-time job and manage it with their studies.

Balancing job with studies

Those students who are working part-time have a lot on their plate. Apart from studying their college courses, they also have to manage their job responsibilities. Sometimes, the burden becomes too much for these students to handle. Especially during their exam week, the students have to juggle both duties together. They may be lucky to get a day or two off from work. Students have to make the most of whatever free time they can get and utilise it to the fullest.

Living away from family in a dorm 

Some students are quite excited at the thought of living in a dorm. They feel thrilled to be living on their own with new college friends. However, not every student shares the same enthusiasm. Those who have never lived away from their family feel homesick in the first few weeks. It takes them some time to adjust to their new life.

Managing a hectic routine

If you thought high school was tough, you are in for a rough ride. The college will be ten times tougher. Teachers will start handing you out reading assignments in the first few classes. Once you finish a chapter, you will be assigned to work on it. Soon, your busy and hectic study routine will start and you will find yourself having no time for anything else.

Making new friends

There is a chance that you and your high school friends may have gone to different colleges. You are now in a new land where every face is a stranger. It will take you some time to find new friends that match your personality and thinking. You may feel awkward at first but just give it some time. A good place to start meeting new people, is your dorm. You can break the ice by introducing yourself first. Pretty soon, you will have a bunch of new friends to hang out with.

Handling peer pressure

There are a couple of college students who are more interested in partying and drinking all night. If you are the kind of student that doesn’t party or drink, then you will have to learn how to handle the peer pressure of your fellow college mates.

Eating a healthy diet

As a college student, you have to make your meals since your mom is not there to make you her special home-cooked meals. Most students depend on ramen noodles as their staple diet since it is easier to make. However, students also have to pay attention to eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

Making time for sleep

Now that you have plenty of coursework to handle and lots of reading assignments to complete, there is a good chance that you will have to sacrifice your night’s sleep. However, having a good night’s rest is important for your health and mind. Without getting proper sleep, you will not be able to function well in class. You may also feel sick and tired if you keep this routine going on.     

Completing all coursework and reading assignments on time

College professors will not be giving their students ample amounts of time to submit their assignments. The assignments will require the students to put in hours of research. Some courses have the requirement of the student working on 3000 or more word essays. Students have to cope with the pressure of working within a short deadline and make sure that they meet it since they will not be getting an extension.

Studying for tests and exams

Since the level of studies in college is intense, so will be given twice the amount of workload to study for your tests and exams. You will have to do your best to cover every chapter in-depth and with greater understanding. The questions asked will not be straightforward as they were in your high school exams. You will be required to show critical thinking and analytical skills. Only those students who have been studying all year round will be able to ace their exams.

Finding the right essay writing service for college student

Now that you are in college, you cannot just hire the same writing service you employed for your high school coursework. You have to search for another essay writing service company that has a team of writers who know how to work on college assignments. Once again, will have to start that process of searching for a writing service again and this time, you will have to be more meticulous since you have more on the line.

Your four years of college are supposed to be the best years of your life. This is the time when you will see yourself grow and mature into the person you are becoming. Although this journey will not be an easy one, with some willpower and resilience, you will make it in the end.


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