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The little importance is given to written work and the absence of writing in literary dimension sees itself artistic. It partly explains the drop in degree courses and the difficulty for many students who continue master to carry out their research. Strengthening the role of writing and more generally of expression, written or oral, no longer confined to the only critical writing could be one way to give meaning to these studies and, indirectly, to allow students a better control also in the field of critical writing. These students are to be prepared for essay writing, assignment writing, dissertation writing and literature review writing.

The first goal, like many writing workshops, is to explore literature review writing and to facilitate access to writing by the devices set up. Proposals developed in a progressive course, more framed in the first sessions; stresses that free writing; stimulation due to the writing group and the limited time; supervision and teacher support; reading aloud the written text (with a possibility of spending possibly turn, reading before witnesses is a daunting constraint initially. But very beneficial in the long term).

We will pass quickly as the importance, for letters of students to rub literature writing in all its diversity. And acquire greater mastery of written expression, greater ease, a delight, knowing that many of them, in their professional lives, will face much more diverse modes of writing the only commentary writing. They subsequently move towards a career in journalism or to Book Trade, communication, tourism and publishing. It is true that it is important to have yourself a dissertation writing experience to turn to write, and to write all kinds of texts.

This training in literature writing, as conceived here, is joint ambition to not only pastiches writers “of literary criticism in action” but also of literary theory and literary history in action, through the writing itself. In other words, the writing workshop backed to literature texts, conceived as workshop rewriting and integrating part of reflexivity allows eventually finding critical writing, by some detours, but with much more efficiency sometimes strong. The writing exercises ensure that certain principles can be summarized in three words: intertextuality, reflexivity and reworking of the first versions.

The writing sessions therefore pursue several goals, but inadvertently reach other goals. Which were not anticipated a priori and that proved crucial. These unintended effects are the students own analysis that revealed the importance.

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