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Common Problems Students Encounter With Essay Writing

Common Problems Students Encounter With Essay Writing

Contrary to the ground reality, essay writing might seem a trivial task that everyone who has the least basic skills in writing can perform this task easily. However, the assumptions and preconceived notions would undoubtedly come to an end when one has to encounter the process of essay writing. The overall process of essay writing includes ups and downs that tend to frustrate the students. Yet, every academic program emphasizes the necessity of learning and mastering the art of essay writing. Therefore, learning the essay writing skills has become compulsory for students.

However, there are several difficulties that students have to encounter in their overall academic career but one of the biggest challenges for them is to write a phenomenal piece of writing. Thus, for reducing the academic burden and to help out all the suffering students. We have mentioned the common problems and their solutions in this blog.

Getting Started:

Essay introduction is considered as the foundation-stone in essay writing. Because it is certainly the first few paragraphs of your writing that reflects your point of view on the topic. Mostly, students who don’t emphasize on pre-writing stages tend to struggle while writing an essay. It might become harder when you don’t have enough content to write or ideas to present in your essay. However, this problem can be overcome by practicing the free-writing on the topic. Before the final writing and also by doing thorough and extensive research on the topic.

Use of Strong Vocabulary:

A good essay should have the clarity and coherency in it. But the point is that an essay cannot have clarity without the use of suitable words and strong diction. The students fail to adhere to the fact that adding good diction in the essay can make it worth reading. Most of us are not good at the use of formal words that we can use in our academic writing and in this scenario; it is difficult to add unique and distinctive words in the essay. Hence, to add strong vocabulary in the essay you must extract new and relevant words from different books and other resources to produce an outstanding piece of writing.

Referencing and citations: 

Students need to validate every point that they are presenting in an essay with the help of the assignment writer. However, references might not come to mind while writing and the only solution to deal with the lack of references is to collect a significant number of it before writing an essay. It will be helpful for students while writing and enable them to produce a phenomenal piece of text.

Fear of Failure:

Students often have insecurities regarding their writing skills when it comes to essay writing. Most of us tend to be apprehensive about our inadequate writing skills because of the fear of failure. However, drafting and making rough outlines will play an eminent role in giving you the confidence that is required to give the perfect start to your essay.


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