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How Has Technology Changed The Face Of Education?

Over the past twenty years, the dynamic shift has transformed our lives by dramatically changing our work-ethics is every sphere of life. Living in this era, we cannot escape the purview of technology because we are utterly dependent upon it for our every single substantial or insignificant need. Ho...
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Common Problems Students Encounter With Essay Writing

Contrary to the ground reality, essay writing might seem a trivial task that everyone who has the least basic skills in writing can perform this task easily. However, the assumptions and preconceived notions would undoubtedly come to an end when one has to encounter the process of essay writing. The...
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How To Deal With Criticism Put Forward By Your Professor?

It is quite possible for a professor to not be satisfied with the content you submit to them, it is an inevitable phenomenon which circulates the academic sphere of a student. As they tend to write multiple essays on a regular basis, thus overtime their ideas becomes a deficit of creativeness and no...
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How to write a good essay

How to write a good essay?

Writing an essay is not an easy task but writing a good essay that could be worth-reading and your audience and supervisor get interested to read whole essay just only by reading its introduction, is even hardest task and require hard work and your immense efforts and skills of thorough research and...
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