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How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is written with the objective of convincing the reader to act or agree to a certain point of view. This category of essay writing involves exceptional writing abilities and careful manipulation of words that allow the reader to become entranced in the subject matter being discusse...
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How To Structure A Dissertation

Dissertation writing is an essential part of a student’s academic life. You need to produce a well-crafted dissertation of your chosen discipline at the end of your final year in university to successfully earn the degree. It is comparatively more difficult than a normal essay, as it is a scholarl...
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Tips To Write The Best Dissertation

If you’ve been assigned to write a dissertation already, then know that this is the most exciting and crucial part of your academic journey which is coming to its end. The purpose of submitting your dissertation isn’t only to earn your degree, but it is meant to showcase all the skills and knowl...
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Tips to Write Better Essays

Writing an essay is considered to be an extremely exhausting task among students, as it involves quite a lengthy process. But it wouldn’t be as much intimidating if you look at it as a way to polish your writing skills. It is an important part of the academic journey of students, as they have to p...
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The Weaknesses of the Simple View of Science

The scientific method is a process of gaining knowledge by means of carrying out tests and observations. A scientific theory comes into being by the generation of a hypothesis. This hypothesis is then examined, and a large number of observations are carried out to test the generated hypothetical sta...
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How to efficiently write a book report

Do you Remember the days, back at school, when you would enjoy book reading sessions conducted by your teacher, and how the excitement would vanish if the teacher asks you to write a comprehensive book report? If the answer is yes, then continue reading. In the next few paragraphs, all your confusio...
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How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

Essay writing is a literary genre that includes texts focusing on formal and intellectual themes. Often, it is an appreciation or an analytical expression, but it must in any situation, be based on proven facts. In essay writing, politics, literature, or arts are the most frequently discussed areas....
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4 Essential Steps For Writing An Academic Essay

Writing an essay is a mix of journalism and literature. In addition to the academic institutes, you will find essays in various literary journals or book collections. The task of writing an essay is of personal reflection, the expression of subjective opinion, the contribution of information, and th...
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How To Know If Writing Is Your Thing?

Every individual on Earth has a distinct set of skills which tells us apart from one another. Some people are good at mathematics and can solve the complex sums in a short span of time, while some are good at crafting something beauteous, a piece of astonishing art. Nevertheless, these traits are...
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