Paraphrasing Rules For Essay Writing

Creativity and imagination tend to take a toll when students are plagued with an incessant load of academic essay writing tasks. As a result, students head towards borrowing ideas and concepts from other previously written essays, as this gives them a head-start and hence enables them to at least ge...
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Common Writing Advices To Avoid

A sense of mental bankruptcy tends to fill the very inherent structure of a student’s cognitive functioning once they get burdened with a load of academic writing that is beyond their level of handling. Over time, students somehow sow a seed of inertia into their being, which depletes their motiva...
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How To Add Creativeness Into My Writing?

A thought which grips most student studying in the various educational institutions situated across the UK is the sentiment that they have become complacent and a sense of indifference has crept in. When this feeling dawns upon the student, typically, ‘alarms bells’ start going off in their mind...
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How To Deal With Criticism Put Forward By Your Professor?

It is quite possible for a professor to not be satisfied with the content you submit to them, it is an inevitable phenomenon which circulates the academic sphere of a student. As they tend to write multiple essays on a regular basis, thus overtime their ideas becomes a deficit of creativeness and no...
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How Can I Make Writing Easier When I Am Not In The Moment

How Can I Make Writing Easier When I Am Not In The Moment?

Essay writing, especially when you are in the mood for it, is a very easy and simple procedure. All you need to do is pick up the proverbial pen and paper and, again like the proverbial, inspired genius, you write like a possessed person, able to accomplish anything. Then again, have there ever been...
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